Got A Lotta Junk In Yer Trunk? Property Styling…

toyota kluger

Being a property stylist is seriously the best job in the world. It’s fun, creative and I get to help people build their dream home, one cushion at a time. But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine – and there’s a whole lot of work that goes into creating the perfect living room! 

To start with, I need to work with my clients to determine the best design for their home. I’ll try to understand your personal needs, your aspirations, and then I’ll set about bringing those to life. It’s a mix of personal style, tastes and interests, and together, we’ll create a home or space you are guaranteed to love. From the furniture to your furnishings and accessories, there’s a lot to consider, but working together – we can do it! 

Property styling…one carload at a time!

Then, once we’ve decided on a design, we have an all-important step. Getting all your new accessories to the property safely and securely.

When I’m carrying materials from the warehouse to the property, it’s all about protection. I want to take care of my client’s new goodies – they’re precious and some are quite valuable. The last thing they want is their gorgeous accessories being lumped on top of one another to fit in the back of a hatch! That’s why, when I was looking for the ideal car for my business, I went straight to Toyota. 

Taking On Toyota

Anyone who has ever owned a Toyota knows they’re best known for the large boots, and if I was looking for a family car, I’d sleep well knowing that the Camry has plenty of boot space for everything we need on a day out. But I wanted more than that. If I’m going to be carrying around furnishings and accessories, I needed plenty of space. So, I headed to Ken Mills Toyota on the Sunshine Coast and had a chat with one of their reps, Brett, who showed me around some of the bigger models. 

The clear winner? The Kluger! This car was voted the Best Family Car and it has a 5 Star ANCAP safety rating, including front, side, head and even knee (yep, knee) airbags. But of course, importantly, there’s plenty of space … for the whole family … or for my cushions! It has 7 seats as standard, with an extra 80mm length – more space in the back, and thanks to the additional boot space as well, it’s even been voted Most Functional SUV. Of course, it also helps that the Kluger is efficient and I can get plenty of trips in on a single tank of fuel. 

Speaking of trips, with all that extra space, I’ve also managed to cut down the number of trips I need to make between the storeroom and my client’s houses. Win!

So, it’s official. I cannot live without my Kluger. It not only protects my family, it protects my client’s purchases, and best of all, it protects my one true love – my cushions! Thanks to Brett for the tips, and Toyota, let’s just say, we’re officially buddies for life!

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