Property Staging – The Key to Unlocking Bigger Sell Prices

There are eight seconds standing between you and a successful sale. Property Staging will make them count.

There has never been more pressure on Brisbane sellers than what we’re seeing right now. Where there’s pressure on sellers, there’s pressure on agents. We understand that getting the seller the very best sale price isn’t just about delighting your customers, it’s about meeting your budget and making your bank. Our principal Property Stylist is a qualified real estate agent from a finance background – so we understand the industry and the challenges you face.

And we know exactly how to help.

The psychology of property staging

In eight seconds, your buyers make their first decision. They decide if the property “speaks to them” – enough to look at it with optimistic eyes. To see the light and lifestyle, not the poorly laid out bathroom. To feel the warmth on the spacious deck, and envisage lazy Sunday mornings, not the hassle of maintaining the boards. Those first 8 seconds not only determine if they’ll put in a bid, but if they’ll go above and beyond to make the property theirs.

Don’t waste those moments. They’re the key to bigger sales, more listings and faster closes.

green highlights Twenty Second Avenue

Twenty Second Avenue

  • Sold Prior To Even Going To Market
  • Multiple Offers
  • Client ROI 670%

inviting dining area Latham Street

Latham Street

  • Days On Market 3
  • Sold First Open
  • 10 Days From Styling To Settlement
  • Clients ROI 560%

styled bedroom navy leadlight bevington street

Bevington Street

  • Sold At First Open
  • Contact Crashed Sold At Second Open With Multiple Offers Above First Offer
  • 45 inspections
  • 5 offers

stylish living Lunn Street

Lunn Street

  • Sold First Open
  • Days On market 9
  • Client ROI 1371%

Property Staging Creates a Snapshot of a Life They’ll Pay More To Live

A Stagency property stylist is the vital link in the chain that will allow sellers to disconnect from this emotional lens and help them see their property through new eyes. The stylist will seamlessly work current market trends into the property, breathing new life into outdated styling. A property stylist will build a relationship with the seller that will allow them to present their home in a way that provides the most return on investment possible.

Your seller NEEDS Property Staging, but doesn’t want property staging

Sellers resist the additional cost of property staging. Why not? Nobody likes extra costs – but property staging is an investment in the biggest financial transaction of their lives. In reality, your seller wants what you want:

  • Straight forward selling – minimal fuss but maximum results
  • Plenty of foot traffic to open homes
  • Fast, easy sale with minimum squabbling and haggling
  • To feel like they got an amazing price and made great choices
  • Money. That’s what they really want, the money

They can have this. And you can, too. Our property stylists take care of everything, so your prep time on the property is minimal. We help you to delight the seller, so your hand holding time is reduced. We manage the contractors and staging furniture – you don’t even have to be there. We can organise magnificent photographs to bring in all that eager foot traffic.

Most of all, our track record for helping our agent partners to sell fast and sell for more means you’re onto the next, already impressed seller in no time.

This home was valued at just under $990K prior to securing Stagency Property Styling. While there’s nothing wrong with the seller’s furnishings, it just wasn’t making the most of the space so it wasn’t as attractive to buyers as it could have been. The Stagency team arranged trades for touch ups and landscaping, referred painters for a fresh coat and colour scheme and builders in for minor repairs. Stagency organised for the styling of the property while vacant and replaced the sellers furniture with high end on trend furniture and accessories.

The difference? This property sold for $1.13 million.

Let us help you convince your seller…

A recent survey conducted by LJ Hooker indicated that securing the use of a property stylist increased the final sale price by an average of 7 to 12.5%. The same survey also showed that 96% of professionally styled homes only stayed on the market for an average of six weeks.

When you’re selling a property that has the potential to sell for far more with the right touches, you can refer your sellers to us. We’ll talk them through the potential return on their styling investment.

And we need real estate agency partners to work with our sellers…

Stagency offers a very limited referral partnership opportunity to the right Brisbane real estate agents. You see, our many direct clients come to us BEFORE they choose an agent. We recommend our partner agencies to help them with the sale. In fact, we flick our partners so many referrals that they’re constantly delighted with our blossoming friendship. But our clients are extremely important to us, so we only partner with select agencies that provide exemplary customer care and value for sellers. Talk to us if you’d like to begin a beautiful friendship!

How we make your job so much easier

The styling contract is made with your seller, not your agency, so you’re simply there to introduce us and let us delight your seller.

Your Stagency Property Stylist will meet with the seller in the property and determine the best use of budget and space.

The seller will engage Stagency to stage the property for a period of up to six weeks. We’ll confirm with you the schedule for open homes and make sure everything is ready to go when you are. We need a few hours access to the home.

We’ll field calls from the seller, support them on the journey and take all that pressure away from you. We pride ourselves on “Smooth Sale-ing.”

We’ll organise a photographer or liaise with yours to make sure the best possible images go live and drive all those eager buyers to your open homes.

Our team will source, stage and style – taking care of all the details. Next time you enter the property, you’ll be overwhelmed with the improvements we have made – and be ready to sell.

Once the property sells, we’ll remove all the staging furniture and dressings, leaving you with a pristine, ready to handover property.

Simple. Quick. Lucrative. How all your business partnerships should be.

Full Service Staging for “those” properties

It only takes a crack here and some weeds there to turn the buyer perception from a property with potential to a property with problems. When the property for sale has seen better days, Stagency can act as your seller’s project manager for trades and services: from getting a carpenter in to fix tenant damage, to engaging a landscaper to create a powerful first impression. We’ll organise the mower man and cleaning team. We see properties the way that buyers do and that makes all the difference to the sale price.

How much does property staging cost?

The property stylist will charge the seller directly for any costs. The initial consultation will have a set price and then, typically, the property stylist will charge by the hour for any work thereafter. Any trades recommended by the property stylist will need to be paid by the seller.

Cost may be a prohibiting factor for sellers, but the value of the investment is proven. We’ll talk through options and potential earnings with your seller to ensure they’re happy to move ahead.

What kind of properties benefit from professional styling?

Most properties will benefit from the use of a property stylist. It’s not about arranging throw cushions. It’s about understanding the market, trends in home styling, the potential of the property and the desires of the buyers. The biggest gains in return generally come from properties that:

  • Are typical in the market – with no differentiating features, the seller is forced to compete only on price
  • Understand that dated furnishings and décor and all those “memories” need to be respectfully stored away if a new owner is to fall in love
  • Are long overdue for maintenance and deep cleaning
  • Have eclectic design where buyers may see unusual spaces as negative, where a stylist can create a “feature”
  • Are selling for $1 Million plus. Most homes in this range now use property staging. Without it, your seller will have the “ugly duckling” property
  • Are the worst house on the best street. Help the property live up to its post code
  • Are the best house on the worst street. Help aspirational buyers choose the property despite the post code

Why use a Stagency Stylist?

So many property stylists… it’s an industry in vogue. An industry where everyone with a fondness for cushions feels they belong. They do not. Our Lead Stylist Melanie Grace comes from a background in finance, property flipping and design. She’s also a qualified real estate agent who understands the industry. Staging a property for sale is an art, a science and an economic skill. Very few stylists understand the industry so very few can deliver on the results they promise. Learn more about Mel’s experience here (link to about us)

Love for Stagency Property Staging

We could not recommend Mel and her team highly enough. With a tight deadline in place, Mel and her team worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure the property would be styled to perfection ready for launch. We are thrilled with the outcome and would happily recommend Mel and the Grace & Co Styling (Stagency?) team to any Real Estate Agent looking to ensure their client achieves top dollar for their property. Thanks Again Mel.
The LJ Hooker Redcliffe Team, North Brisbane

Mel has constantly astounded me with her flair for designing and staging homes. No task has ever been too difficult, and because of her end result, we have achieved some big prices for homes that I am sure would not have been possible without her help. Highly recommended, sincere, hard-working and (she) is highly client focused.
Aarthi Venkatesan
Sandgate Real Estate, Brisbane

You’ve only got eight seconds to make or break the sale

Don’t waste it. Capitalise on it. Talk to us about how to grow your sales and delight your customers.

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