Get That “Display Home Furniture” Feeling in Your Own Home!

What is it about display home furniture that gives homes that WOW factor? Here’s exactly what, and EXACTLY how you can mirror the same impact in your very own home.

Doesn’t display home furniture always look so gorgeous? Perfect, priceless and practical choices that really open up homes to show their true potential. They’re breath-taking. It’s like walking into a painting at an art gallery – perfect choices, perfect palette, just perfect all round.

But why does viewing a display home, furniture and all, fill us with some awe? And how can we capture some of that magic in our own homes?

Display Home Furniture WOW Factor

The reason that these homes are so beautiful is that they are there to sell an entire estate or get investors interested in purchasing units or blocks. They are universally beautiful and designed to appeal to almost any taste, personal style and budget. They want to capture everyone’s attention to sell an idea or a dream, not an ACTUAL brick and mortar experience (not yet, anyway). They’re supposed to be both inspirational and aspirational – a model on which you can start to plan and build your own furniture.

There are funny little quirks in a display home, like the televisions that aren’t actually televisions and the ‘just so’ crockery that’s positioned in a way that doesn’t make for any kind of practical eating habits! You have to take your shoes off to enter, the carpets are always crisp and there’s not a fingerprint on a glass surface anywhere to be seen.

Display home furniture is too good to be true. But…

Getting A Display Home ‘Look’ In Your Home

There’s a different between a display home and your home.

You’re not trying to appeal to EVERYONE. You’re looking to make a connection with a specific set of buyers. Maybe you’re targeting young families who are moving to a good school catchment, older couples who are looking to downside or single professionals trying to get closer to the city. Whoever you’re chasing, you’ll find them through a clever use of furniture and design.

Making The Right Choices

Working with a home stylist specialist can help you reach the people you’re looking to connect with. They’ll now the area, they’ll know the market and they’ll know how to make the right connections for you.

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