Home Staging in Brisbane – Why You Shouldn’t Always Go Hamptons

“Hamptons” – so hot right now! But doesn’t that mean all the houses will look the same? Here’s how to stand out from the crowd with home staging when everyone’s wearing the same outfit.

Hamptons. Hamptons Hamptons. Hamptons Hamptons Hamptons. Open a real estate guide, go to an open inspection or flick through a website and you’ll see this word repeated again and again. But will it work for YOUR property? That’s where professional home staging comes in.

Home Staging To Help Find Your Perfect Match

Consider your home stylist to be almost like a psychologist. They know you. They know what you want. They also know what other people want. It’s a case of them gently working with you through the process until everybody wants the same thing. The music swells, the credits roll and everyone walks away happy.

Home staging is about knowing the buyer and not just the market. So while the market seems to be screaming out for Hamptons inspired design, your property stylist knows that there are differences and nuances that divide what a professional couple in their thirties wants as opposed to a retiree.

But I Really Want Hamptons

Hamptons-style refers to a rich, coastal ‘luxe’ style that really only suits specific houses. The look, however, can be adapted to match a range of homes. What you need to consider, however, is that while YOU might want Hamptons – that’s not necessarily what your buyers will be chasing.

Home staging needs to appeal to a broad range of potential buyers, and not all of them are going to like silver spray-painted conch shells. A professional home stylist with local market knowledge will be aware of trends in your area and will be able to explore ways to present your property in the best possible light. There’s a professional objectivity that comes with the job that enables your property stylist to cut through vague ideas and colour swatches and come up with something real that will guarantee a real result.

I Really Can’t Have Hamptons?

It’s time to think outside the square. Your retro brick home with archways and salmon floor tiles is going to look like a technicolour acid trip with a Hamptons finish. Stagency – The Styling Agency can consider how art works, contemporary design and carefully selected furniture will move towards your best possible outcome rather than simply copy what everyone else is doing.

And then you can actually go to the Hamptons once you’ve sold your home. Bon voyage!


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