Hire or Home Staging Companies? Here’s What You Need To Know

Effort. Money. Time. Which choice will get you more bang for your buck when it comes to selling – furniture hire (DIY) or home staging companies?

If you’re reading this, you’re more than likely investigating home styling services in order to prepare your house for sale. You’re unsure as to whether using a home staging company or just hiring the furniture and styling it yourself is a better idea.

You’re working out some numbers and coming to your own conclusions. But there are a few numbers that you haven’t factored into your equation that you need to be aware of.

Home Staging Companies promise a Return on Investment

Hiring the furniture and doing the styling yourself (or relying on the truck driver to do it for you!) might appear like the savvier choice on paper. But there are hidden figures that just aren’t reflected in a side by side comparison.

Your potential return on investment when working with a home staging company is reflected in a (typical) higher sales price as well as a decreased amount of time it will be on the market for. This cuts down on your real estate and advertising costs as well as the chaos, pain and stress of having to keep the place in tip-top shape for inspections 24/7. Phew.

In Favour Of Home Staging Companies

Consider the emotional, physical and social cost of doing this yourself. Are you really well-versed enough in current trends and buyer psyche to be designing the layout yourself? Are you in-tune with the way real estate agents are thinking and acting about homes for sale in your area?

All you know is that you like to style things according to YOUR tastes. But home staging companies can style according to the MARKET’S tastes. And that’s a huge point of difference.

When using a home staging company, you’re rewarded with the expertise of a home staging stylist who knows what they’re doing. They know what’s on trend, they know what will attract your desired clientele and they know how to appeal to the emotional side of your prospective buyers. They’re well versed in creating that ‘love at first sight’ feel that a few tables and some dinky cushions from a furniture hire warehouse just won’t be able to do.

Make the right choice. Talk to Stagency today to figure out how to increase your return on investment.

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