House For Sale in Brighton QLD – The Rising Suburb of 4017

Why are there so many houses for sale in Brighton? QLD’s best kept secret is the 4017 – find out why everyone’s coming here.

It’s no secret that we love the 4017. Sandgate and Shorncliffe are, in our humble opinions, a little slice of heaven. There are so many things to see and do in this wonderful part of the world. The little cousin of the 4017, Brighton, is quickly growing up and everyone wants to get to know it! Here’s what makes Brighton so gosh darn liveable.

Brighton – The Bright Star of the 4017 Postcode

There’s a sleepy seaside quality to Brighton that simply cannot be ignored. The value for money in terms of house prices and sizes is such that families, couples and retirees are turning their attention to this beautiful little pocket of sunshine.

Nearby Redcliffe’s recent re-developments mean that this is a suburb supported by well-planned and well-resourced infrastructure. Part of that infrastructure is evidenced by the proximity to public transport (and its’ regularity!). Traffic jams just aren’t a thing in Brighton – it’s a peaceful way of life that anyone seeing that ‘House for Sale in Brighton’ sign finds difficult to ignore.

Clontarf and Redcliffe to the north are tipped as being close to exploding in terms of property growth. That trickle down effect will influence sales in Brighton too, so it’s best to get in now while the getting’s good!

The Old and The New

There’s a perfect mix in Brighton, a real mixed bag. You’ve got million dollar mansions snuggling beside delightful little post war cottages or old Queenslanders, relaxing into their old age. There’s both a real sense of history here as well as an attitude that’s positive regarding progress and development.

The Water! The Water!

Undeniably, what makes this suburb special is the proximity to the bay. This is a suburb blessed by not only a variety of parks and open-air play spaces, but a closeness to those beautiful bay breezes. Sporty? Try kayaking, kite-surfing or stand-up paddling. Loop around the water following any one of a number of excellent bike paths.  

The land in Brighton is elevated, too, which makes the access to breezes and views that little bit easier. Bliss.

House for Sale in Brighton QLD

Have you got a house for sale in this wonderful area? Would you like to make the most of it and sell it PROPERLY with someone who knows the area?


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