Furniture Sourcing – What Does a Personal Furniture Shopper Do?

Furniture Sourcing and Buying - What Does a Personal Furniture Shopper Do?

Have you ever fallen in love with a sofa, purchased it because you KNOW it will be perfect for your living room… only to find it’s too big, too small, the wrong colour or just not right? Furniture sourcing can be so frustrating. The hunt for the perfect piece of furniture can be hard and we often limit it to the stores we know. But it doesn’t have to be a challenging exercise, when you use a personal furniture shopper.

What is a personal furniture shopper?

A personal furniture shopper is a term that is often associated with antique shop owners. They purchase furniture for their shop to sell to other antique furniture hunters, or to simply style their own homes. 

But a personal furniture shopper is actually another term for a interior stylist. It’s just one of the many services a interior stylist can provide – styling to stay in your own home. Furniture sourcing and furniture buying is their specialty. Best of all, they have a broad range of boutique suppliers to choose from, compared to the average consumer who may only be able to list a handful retailers like everyone else.

How can a interior stylist assist your furniture buying?

A Interior Stylist will assess the area you need finishing and provide solutions to your style dilemma. What cushion? what colour? what throw? what art goes with that rug? its the little details that make the big difference.

Not sure on the size, shape or position of furniture in your Brisbane home? A Brisbane Home Stylist can help.

Need a complete a lounge room, but not sure what pieces need to be added to ‘finish’ the look? Hire a Interior Stylist.

Have an empty room you’re not sure what to do with? Get advice from a The Happiness Whisperers as their clients call Stagency The Styling Agency.

You may think the room could be a worthy storage area, but your interior stylist may see it as a study nook or home office. A home stylist will think outside the square, offering furnishing solutions you may never have considered. 

Why you should hire a home stylist for your home

A home stylist will save you time and money when sourcing the right furniture for your home. Your stuck in a never ending Pinterest hole you cannot get out of and like lots of different items but cant put it all together. We help you turn your pins into your dream space – simple as that.

It can be annoying choosing an item and finding it won’t work in your home. Often there are delivery and restocking fee expenses if the retailer will agree to take back the goods. 

If you’ve ordered the furniture, there may not be the option of restocking the furniture so you’re left with pieces to sell on Gumtree for much less than what you paid for them. 

If you’re looking for a interior stylist or a personal shopper who specialises as a designer furniture buyer, you should be looking for a local home stylist, property staging or Stagency

Don’t learn the hard way by throwing away your time and cash on furniture that may not work. Involve a home stylist in the process, and you will get a winning look the first time, guaranteed.

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