Property Styling on the Gold Coast – Why You NEED a Professional

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Homes in, and around, the Gold Coast region are all incredibly different and varied in their real estate requirements. From the million-dollar apartments that litter the strip to the mansions of the suburbs, there truly is no real ‘average’ Gold Coast home. Property styling on the Gold Coast needs to reflect the individuality that is at the core of this incredible area. There are no two homes alike and, as such, property styling in this area needs to be both flexible and effortlessly adaptable to the cultural climate. 

The Importance of Property Styling that is reflective of the area

Amateur property styling companies will stress the convenience of a ‘package deal’ approach to property styling. They will convince you that a ‘one size fits all’ approach of stocking your home with cheap, mass-produced goods will garner you a hefty profit come sale time. The same, tired furniture and design packages will be trotted out at open homes across the Gold Coast. Property styling should not work like that. It should be responsive to the market and individualised to bring out the absolute best in your property. 

Consider the difference between a sprawling, country home in the hinterland and a high-rise apartment right on the strip. It stands to reason that the potential purchasers of these properties would have very different tastes, needs and requirements. Their individual capacities to spend, their shifting needs and their personal styles need to be amenable to the property styling that is presented to them once they enter the space. It is questionable, to say the least, to expect that the same stock styling could be transferred from one property to another. Where is the research into what the market wants? Where is the time and effort spent styling a property to perfection? Where is the understanding of the importance of choosing the finest tradespeople, the most authentic pieces and the colour palette that will invite purchasers in and encourage them to fall in love? 

Choosing a professional for property styling on the Gold Coast

The services of a professional property stylist will be more expensive than an amateur. That stands to reason given the quality of the service that you will receive as well as the return on investment that the right kind of styling encourages. You need to decide what is important to you and that gravitas needs to be reflected in your choices.

Your buyers have eight seconds to fall in love with your property. How much is that feeling worth to you?

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