Home Stylist Dilemmas – How We Solve Your Styling Problems

As a home stylist, we’ve seen our fair share of styling faux pas. Here are some common ones and how you can fix it.

Anyone who’s ever attempted to style their own home will know that it’s overwhelming. With so many textures, colours, accents, and styles to choose from, home styling for the amateur can easily lead to stress, the wrong choices and disappointment.  

At Stagency, we’ve seen a multitude of styling problems, but there’s never been one we haven’t been able to fix. Here is some common styling faux pas we’ve come across. 

Common styling problems our home stylists can fix

Disjointed styles

You love a modern look and continue to use it in your federation style home simply because it’s your favourite look, but it doesn’t match. This kind of styling becomes disjointed and doesn’t make sense. When interior styling to suit your personality, it’s essential that it also goes with the style of your home; this is where an interior stylist can help. 

Too many small things 

So often we see rooms filled with small décor that is all the same size or height. The problem with this is that when you have too many small things of the same size in a room, there’s nowhere to draw the eye. To avoid this problem and to make a room more inviting, we utilise different sized pieces for the eye to land in strategic places. 

Too big 

As beautiful and comfortable as a big leather couch maybe, too big and it will make the lounge room it’s in feel very small. A home stylist knows how to get the balance exactly right, so you don’t feel like you live in a shoebox. 

Matchy-matchy décor

Sure, we all want to add some character to our home, but doing everything matchy-matchy is counterintuitive. Adding character to your home can take years of collecting different pieces, but if you’re a tad impatient, why not consider getting your home styled by a professional stylist. A professional home stylist has a keen and knowledgeable eye so they’ll be able to tell you exactly what to look for. 

Not the paint!

Paint the house first, you say? This is so common, yet there is so much stress involved in trying to match things like curtain fabrics, rugs and upholstery to the paint colour. An interior stylist will tell you it’s so much easier (and makes more sense) to do it the other way around. Pick the fabrics and the textiles you love, then match the paint. 

Before you fall for common styling mistakes in your home, why not save your sanity and consider Stagency’s Styled to Stay service. It’s through this service that you’ll get all the right home stylist advice for the space you want to style, and so you can continue to enjoy living in your home instead of regretting any choices you made by doing the styling yourself. 

Experience your home with the Styled to Stay touch. Contact us today for a quote!

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