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Ready to have a stylist ‘style my home’? From Hamptons to Boho, achieving the perfect space is possible… with a little help… Read on to find out how…

Style my home: From Hamptons to Boho, Brisbane’s favourite styles

Achieving the perfect look for your home takes a keen eye and patience. Whether it’s the clean, sophisticated lines of a Hamptons house, or the bold, engaging aesthetic of British Colonial styling, your interior stylist will be your biggest ally in bringing your look of choice together. When you ask your stylist to ‘style my home’, here are the biggest considerations for bringing together Brisbane’s most popular interior styling looks…

  • Hamptons
  • Coastal
  • Plantation
  • Boho
  • It’s all you, baby…

Style My Home Hamptons

Style my home Hamptons style

The popular Hamptons interior style is best identified by its use of navy blue and neutral colour palettes. Accented with soft lighting and natural textures, this sophisticated coastal look originated in the US, but has made its way around the world – everybody loves a Hampton’s vibe!

Stagency’s top tips for achieving a Hamptons style home:

  • Bold blues and crisp whites may once have been the order of the day, but now subtlety has its place now with softer blues and more natural tones added in. Make sure to include natural woods and the touch of floral for contrast.
  • You don’t have to ‘go full Hampton’ to have an aesthetically pleasing room. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch, or you’re simply not ready to commit to a particular look, why not start small with accents and touches? Some blue and white cushions here, a driftwood frame there… you can dip your toe into the Hamptons water without going overboard.
  • The cornerstones of any Hamptons style home are timeless lighting, sophisticated rugs and complementary artworks. You can transform an entire room with just these three elements. Have an existing room with a neutral palette? Maybe it’s time to try something new! Bring in some natural fibres, some geometric rugs and some coral or coastal artwork and you’re on your way…


Style My Home Coastal Style

Style my home Coastal style

Once upon a time, coastal style might have meant 80’s aquamarine and pieces of driftwood. Thankfully, design has moved on and now a coastal styled space is far more likely to feature nods to the Australian sun, sea and sand.

Stagency’s top tips for achieving a coastal style home:

  • Let your starting point be the fact there is no one fixed way to achieve a coastal home. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your space keeps a relaxed feel to it.
  • While your walls will likely be painted in neutral tones, your room’s character lies in its accents. Natural wood furniture, striped linens and natural light provides a strong base. Including pops of soft pinks, blues and greens as well as plenty of greenery will add those final touches to complete the room.
  • Texture is a major focus in a coastal styled space. Think about things that provide a tactile experience – textured linens and cotton, merino wool, bamboo, rattan, wicker. Pieces that will receive love, and look the better for it.


Style My Home Bahamas Style

Style my home plantation/Bahamas style

Taking the coastal look a step further, plantation styling is experiencing a resurgence of late. Thanks in no small part to the influence of designers like India Hicks, you too could enjoy a Bahamian wonderland in your very own home. A touch of teak, a well-designed mosquito net and some elegant shutters, and you’re well on your way to a striking palace in paradise.

Stagency’s top tips for achieving a Plantation style home:

  • Throwback to British Colonial times for décor inspiration. Tropical vibes and light, airy spaces are a must. And don’t even think about leaving your windows bare! Plantation shutters are non negotiable!
  • Hardwood furniture, oversized rattan pieces and plenty of greenery against crisp white walls, linen and curtains will pull the look together. Nothing says plantation like an antique four-poster bed draped elegantly in netting, or an oversized day bed beside an oversized vase of giant palm fronds.
  • Your intricate ceiling fan will likely be the focal point of your room. Add to this touches of old leather, gold and vintage artefacts like globes and spyglasses, and there will be no doubt… you are capturing the essence of plantation styling.


Style My Home Boho Style

Style my home boho style

Call it mismatched, gypsy, a melting pot… it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that boho style is here to stay. The only rule with boho is to start with white, and after that, there are no rules – the more ‘out there’, the better! (Keeping it classy, of course!)

Stagency’s top tips for achieving a boho style home:

  • The basis for every boho home is a simple white or neutral backdrop. From here it’s the impactful pops of colour that really make the difference.
  • Soft furnishings are what will make your boho space inviting – rugs, cushions, throws, and the like. There is a fine art to getting the balance right, so get a good mix of florals, geometrics, paisleys, tribal prints and ethnic patterns to be confident you’re covering your boho bases.
  • Be unapologetic in your layering of various elements like textiles, art and accents. Design fortune favours the bold! But don’t forget the gypsy style touches of wooden beads and natural elements.


Style My Home My Style

Style my home MY style

Your home doesn’t actually *have* to follow a particular trend. What matter most is that it is comfortable, functional and suits YOU and your lifestyle. For instance, expensive white couches are not going to be practical for a household with a sticky toddler in it. It may lead to a little compromise, but these considerations need to be made when planning your space. And that’s where a stylist comes in…

Stagency’s top tips for achieving a YOUR style home:

  • Whether you’re adding an occasional accent, or starting form complete scratch, a stylist will be able to guide you along the process. 
  • Embrace your differences! Ultimately, you like what you like. Just because that leather couch ‘doesn’t go’ in a coastal home traditionally doesn’t mean it won’t work. A stylist can help talk through your pros and cons to come to some agreement on what to keep and what to change.
  • Your lifestyle is the most important consideration in any designed space. Your home is not a museum, and needs to be liveable as well as beautiful. There is no point rigidly sticking to a particular style if it doesn’t suit your needs.

Melanie Grace Interior Stylist

Whether it’s Hamptons, boho, coastal or plantation, Stagency stylist, Melanie Grace is ready to help you achieve your dream space. Get in touch today to arrange a consultation.

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