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Style My Home Coastal Style


Flick through Instagram. Scroll through an inside glimpse of the homes of the rich, famous and infamous. Personal touches. Flamboyant decorations. Displays of wealth and class (and maybe a little ass, if you’re on a Kardashian account). Homes that have been intricately pieced together by an interior decorator. It’s the perfect styling a house for sale inspo! Surely all that glitters will attract those top tier buyers!

Well… not quite. Styling a house for sale is NOT the same as styling it to live out your wildest luxurious dreams. Get up off that shag faux-fur rug, put down that bottle of Cristal and put away the plans for that water feature in the shape of your children’s faces. Here’s what you need to know about designing your house so people will actually buy it.

Can an interior stylist style my house for sale?

Interior stylists are great at styling a space to fit a particular vision – yours. Every last item will be perfectly positioned to make your synapses sing as you twerk with happiness around your own home. They craft a space that allows you to live YOUR dream. Which is perfect… if you’re buying your own house from yourself.

A property stylist will be styling your house for SALE

The difference when you choose a property stylist is that they’ll be aware of the market. They’ll know how to make that instantaneous connection between potential buyers and your home because they’re skilled at creating space for other people’s dreams. You’re selling your home but you want your buyers to be able to see themselves in it – and they just won’t if the design is too ‘you’.
Think of it this way. You want your home to look beautiful but you also want it to be accessible. You want the older couple looking for an investment to see the reliability. You want the younger couple about to start a family to see the possibility. You want the established family to see the space to grow. It’s a hard task to design a space that will speak to all of those mindsets.
Make sure to choose a property stylist who knows what they’re doing. Classy yet humble. Sophisticated yet approachable. Stylish yet… nope, just stylish. Make the right call.

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