Furnish and Finish?

What does it mean to furnish and finish a home for sale? Our property stylist shares the crucial details that are part of every property styling service and what each aspect of the service means.


When you place your property on the market, presentation is paramount in securing a buyer’s interest and prompting a potential sale. Presentation is crucial for the real estate marketing photos and the open home inspections. Impeccable presentation sells homes and there are two key aspects to styling a home for sale: furnish and finish.
Using a Property Stylist for your home when selling is essentially a furnish and finish service that takes the hassle out of presenting a home in a way that will attract buyers. So what does it mean to furnish and finish a home? Here is what you need to know about this key property styling service.

What does it mean to furnish a home?

To furnish a home, a property stylist will inspect the property and make a list of furnishings that may need to be replaced or appointed in the home to get buyers through the door. Furnishings include lounges, sofas, occasional chairs, buffets, dining tables, dining chairs, bench stools, hallway tables and coffee tables. Furnishings can also include appliances like televisions.
A property stylist will furnish a home using the existing home owner’s furniture (if it’s appropriate) as well as hired pieces that help create their vision for the home interior. Our you can furnish and finish with a vacant property and hire everything needed.
Once a property has been furnished, the next step is adding the finishes.

What does it mean to finish a home?

To finish a home, a property stylist will add the finishing touches of décor and accessories that add interest and drama to the interior. The furnishings will typically be neutral in colour and style, but the finishes can be pieces that draw the eye around a room while giving character to an interior space.
Finishes generally include lighting, wall art, pieces of interest, rugs, books and cushions. These pieces can add colour and personality to an interior. A selection of cushions and a throw rug can add warmth and texture to a living room setting. Lamp lighting can help create ambience.
With a sharp eye for details and extensive knowledge of interior styling trends, a property stylist brings an objective eye to your property and tailors the furnish and finish to the style and age of your home. Their goal is to attract buyers and gain offers as soon as your property is on the market. Trust your property stylist to use their magic to transform your home.


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