Best Time To Sell A House – Spring Has Sprung!

Considering when the best time to sell a house might be? Here’s the WHEN, the HOW and the WHY.Look to the weather! SPRING is the KEY TIME

When’s the best time to sell a house? Look to the weather! SPRING is the KEY TIME for savvy sellers to make sure their houses are ready to feed the hungry market.
The weather is beautiful after a long and muddy winter. Gardens are at their peak but there’s still that slight chill in the air that makes everything seem extra fresh. Spring is the PERFECT time to sell, but there’s a problem. Everyone else knows that, too.

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If Spring is the best time to sell a house, how do I make sure my property can spring into action?

Many sellers run through a long list of preparatory checks when it comes to getting their home ready for sale in the top-selling season.
Real estate agent selected and briefed? CHECK
Maintenance and home improvements booked and taken care of? CHECK
Husband gently bullied into clearing out the garage and cleaning up the yard? CHECK
House cleaned to within an inch of its life? CHECK
Decluttering decluttered in a flurry of activity and garage sales? CHECK
Property stylist booked? Uhhh…
Just like real estate agents, property stylists and home staging artists are booked out well in advance of the top-selling season. They’ll experience an absolute avalanche of desperate calls and emails in the lead up but the best in the business are already run off their feet.
Property staging furniture warehouses are ghost towns (even the tumbleweeds are gone) and there’s just no room for new clients on the books.

How do we take advantage of a property stylist when trying to sell our home in peak season?

Get organised and prioritised. In the Easter and Spring period (the best time to sell a house) you’re going to need to ensure that you book the best stylists six to eight weeks in advance. You could try and hedge your bets on there being a cancellation but why take a chance when it’s your dollar on the bottom line?

Why Choose A Property Stylist?

81% of people surveyed in a 2015 National Realtors of Australia survey said that it was easier to visualise themselves living in a styled home. That’s a significant number – don’t you want the best of the best on your side?
Got questions about how property styling might work for your home? Invest a little time in our FAQ section.

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