Your Agent Said: “Hire Furniture for the House Sale.” We Say: “Here’s What To Do Next.”

Your agent has said you need to invest in furniture hire to sell your home. What does that even mean?! Here’s your no-fuss guide to success.

Your agent has clued you into the idea of furniture hire. But what does that mean? Where do you start? Why would they ask you to do that – isn’t your existing furniture good enough?

The Logic Behind Furniture Hire

First things first, you need to be investing in a property stylist to look after the furniture hire. Otherwise you’ll be borrowing the same worn out, cliché-riddled ‘same same’ furniture that everyone else does and it won’t make the slightest difference to your sale price.
Using new furniture, artworks, conversation pieces, professionally styled linen and all the other bits and bobs you can think of will mean a fresh face on a potentially tired property. If you leave all of your own furniture in, the prospective purchasers won’t be able to see themselves in the new home. They’ll just see your old memories.

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But Why Bother With Furniture Hire?

It’s actually more of a case of why not.
Homes that have been professionally styled are, on average, way less likely to stay floundering on the market. Having to continually pay real estate feeds to watch your house sit there, unloved, week after week can be both financially and emotionally draining.
Six weeks is the average sale life of a home that’s been given a polish by a property stylist. It takes advantage of that ‘instant love connection’ that happens when people walk over the threshold and instantly feel like ‘this is it’.

Not Convinced On The Whole Furniture Hire Thing Yet…

Let’s put things a different way, then.
If the sale of your home is held up your entire life is also held to ransom. You have the anxiety and stress of being constantly unsure of what’s happening. There are delays on the other end in terms of where you’re hoping to move to or the investment property you’re hoping to cash in on.
Your weekends are gone as you are constantly sprucing things up and tidying for every single open inspection. Your home must be kept show ready for weeks – even months!
You’re also out of pocket paying those ongoing advertising costs. If only someone could show your home off in its best light.

We Know That Special Someone

Stagency – The Styling Agency specialise in allowing people to fall in love with your home. With a proven track record of impressive return on investment prices, they’re the team you want in your corner.

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