Property Styling Costs, Packages and FAQs

Stagency – The Property Styling Agency in Brisbane offers clients a comprehensive selection of property styling packages and interior styling services. Got a question you don’t see answered here? Talk to us, we’re always happy to help.

What is Property Styling?

Property styling (also known as home staging) is the process of preparing your home for your sale campaign. Stagency specialises in enhancing the best assets and features of your property while minimising the less appealing areas to the largest possible number of prospective buyers. Unfortunately, we do not offer mood boards or itemised pictures of furniture prior to styling. Property staging can be organised through your real estate agent, however, you can talk to us directly as we work with a lot of clients privately. For real estate agents, please check out our guide to working with a property stylist here.

Why use a Stagency Property Stylist for Home Staging?

A property owner’s personal style does not always appeal to all potential buyers. Hiring a real estate stylist for your home staging can attract more buyers through photos, inspections and the real estate campaign. Property Styling can sell your property faster and enable you to get the best possible sale price. It’s cheaper to have your home completely staged and styled than have to reduce the price of your Brisbane property.

How much does property styling cost?

Good property styling isn’t cheap and cheap property staging isn’t good. On average, homes styled with Stagency Styling range in price from $5000 to $15,000+ depending on the needs of the property and the client.

Why do property styling costs differ between styling companies?

Cheap property styling brands your property as “cheap” and opens you up to long negotiation periods and petty “bargaining.”

The right property styling package attracts the right buyer.

There are different property styling packages available from different suppliers. Cheap property styling comes about in a few ways. Some use “low-end furnishings” which makes your property feel low-end. Some use the same items every job – which means that your property isn’t styled to market, simply laid out to be generic. Generic doesn’t sell a home. Others are furniture hire companies – where their truck driver serves as your property stylist. Nice one, Gary.

What return on investment can Stagency deliver?

We have an excellent track record for delivering massive return on investment for our clients. Every property is different. Stagency delivers positive results in time and money. Effective property styling packages can raise the value of a property by 6-8% and reduce the number of days on market. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s important to remember that your home is your biggest asset and that property styling is an investment in your asset.

over $15M in sales

We have helped clients sell over $15 Million worth of property

over $1M in profit

We have helped earn our clients over $1 Million in profit on their properties

1031% ROI

Our Average Client ROI is 1031%

100% sold

For The Last 2 Years 100% Of Our Properties Styled Have Sold

Our Last 6 Properties Have SOLD at First Open

*AS AT 1ST JULY 2019

Please contact us for pricing. We quote after an onsite consultation only so that we can deliver the right styling for your home.


Will Stagency take on my property?

With deep regret, we cannot take on every seller who approaches us! We’re an “in-demand” boutique property styling agency and we guarantee excellent service. During peak times, we can be booked out months in advance. That means that we only take on properties where the seller’s vision, market and budget come together in a way that we can deliver real ROI on the job. We don’t believe in just taking your money. We believe in creating a successful sale. So we won’t take on clients where the property is not well suited to styling. We want what you want, a better sale price, a quicker sale and a joyful experience.

When should I book my property styling package?

If you think your property requires more than the styling, such as painting and handyman help, then it’s best to contact us as soon as you decide to sell. If you are ready to sell and your home is prepared for staging and campaign dates locked in, we typically need 2-3 weeks from quote to installation. Certain times of the year we are booked out weeks in advance and warehouse stock is pre-allocated.

Does Stagency do property styling jobs outside Brisbane

Stagency is based in beautiful Shorncliffe on Brisbane’s north side and we primarily do property styling & home staging in Brisbane. But we do like a day trip to the Gold & Sunshine Coasts – to Ipswich and to the Moreton Bay Region! Our Property Stylist can discuss options when you get in touch.

Looking for styling to stay? Consult with our Interior Stylist anywhere in Australia

Can I use some of my own furniture?

We do offer a partial styling service where we can work with items in your home that will fit into our design and style for your property. However, we do not use furniture for fully vacant properties that belongs to the property owner.

Can I choose the furniture you use?

As we are professional property stylists here at Stagency, we ask that you trust our knowledge and expertise of the property, the market demographic, design trends and the potential buyers. We don’t use the “same-same stock” on every property styling job. Instead, we use our understanding of the market to fit the property to the buyer – creating more interest and more offers. After decades in finance, property and design, this is where we bring the ultimate set of skills to the table – trust us, we’ll do an exemplary job.

Can I hire just a few pieces from Stagency?

No. We are not a furniture hire company, we are a styling company. We use a broad selection of beautiful pieces to fill rooms or homes of our clients according to a style plan.

Unfortunately, are unable to hire out any of our beautiful furniture as individual pieces, nor to source one-off pieces from our list of exclusive suppliers.

How do I pay for my home styling package?

Consultations and other services are paid in full at the time of booking, prior to the day.

Full home staging packages are paid 50% deposit on acceptance of quote/contract and 50% balance payable 7 days before installation.

How long is my property styled for?

Our styling packages generally run for 6 weeks. As a seller, you should allow for one day styling and photography once your property is prepared. We then allow 5 weeks for the sale campaign with your agent. Unlike most property styling companies, we offer a week by week extension period for sellers because we know the industry, and we know that contracts can fall over last minute – if you need to do an unanticipated open home, we’ve got your back!

My question isn’t here!

We believe in providing complete transparency to our sellers so we’re always happy to answer your questions. Simply get in touch now.

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