Granny Chic – 5 Things From Grandma’s House That Are Back In Style

Granny Chic
I can remember as a child the 3 of us kids in the back of the valiant with no seat belts driving to Granny’s house on a Sunday for a roast dinner. She lived on a train line and had a huge guava tree in her backyard. Gosh we would sit under that tree for hours stuffing our face with guavas. Mostly I remember the floral wallpaper and crochet bedding with crisp white sheets underneath and the smell, a waft of potpourri as you drifted off to sleep. We always got to sleepover, a highlight for me as a little girl as it meant Boet my grandfather would be taking me to the park. Who knew back then her house would now be considered Granny Chic!.

What does granny chic mean?

(Of fashion or design) reminiscent of or incorporating characteristics traditionally associated with the dress and appearance of a granny, especially in being old-fashioned (also used ironically). Also known as “grandmillenial” style to the younger generation.
But, for us interior stylists it’s a trend we are seeing more and more and being used in everything with bold colour and a carefree mish-mash of patterns. It is a great element to add into any design. After all who didn’t love going to Grandma’s house and jumping into her big bed with crisp white sheets and the little cuddle from Grandma.

What is granny chic interiors look like?

It’s all about mixing the old with the new while adding in patterns, lots of textures, pops of colour. Think styling elements of old books, crochet, typewriters maybe even an old dial type phone. Make it fun.
As a child in the 70’s (showing my age here) –  I have found memories of my dad wallpapering my room when I came home from having my tonsils out, in Laura Ashley wallpaper. It had pink and orange flowers and I thought it was the best thing ever.

5 items from your Grandma’s house that are back in style.

Your Grandma might not have known it at the time but she was setting a trend way back when you went for visits. Who does’t want to be surrounded by pretty, comfortable and happy in your home!

Floral Wallpaper

One wall or all walls. It is up to you. But you can totally transform a room with wallpaper bringing it back to life. With the right texture, colour and pattern, wallpaper especially floral can bring Granny Chic into your space. Think bright and bold and don’t be afraid to use big and broad patterns.

China Cabinets

You know the one – when you go to all your relatives house that are of a certain age and you look at the mahogany cabinet filled with all that china and think what is the point if they don’t use it. Why is that cabinet so ugly right?

Now I am all for upcycling and believe that taking an old vintage china cabinet and painting it a bright colour to display all your vintage treasures is a great way to add some Granny Chic style into your home. If you are lucky enough to have inherited china or “nik nacs” from your Grandma then this is the way to display it.


Quilts once upon a time were a labour of love and often handed down through the family. They were lovingly hand sewn and made from scraps of fabric in Grandma’s sewing stash.  There are so many beautiful quilts options today and although you can find mass produced ones, rather go for a small hand produced one that has still been made by hand. If you are lucky enough to own one your Grandma made, look after it and hand it down to your children one day. Mix and match your quilt with your wallpaper to really make a bright happy space.

Bold coloured tiles

OMG they are everywhere, pink coloured tiles and so on trend in 2022. I am loving these tiles.
I can remember the green bath and the pink basin along with the pink tiles – a feast for the eyes. And now they are all coming back, even the old bathmat is making a resurgence of a fun accessory. There really are no rules with pink tiles. So many places in your home you can use them. If you are game a man bathroom shower area, or if you want something more subtle a back splash in your laundry.

Velvet Sofas

5 years ago a velvet sofa as considered “retro” but now they are everywhere. Albiet Grandma’s velvet sofa did have patterns that are pretty  unmentionable now, but it was a velvet sofa. These days the choice of blue or green or even pink velvet sofas is somewhat overwhelming. Standing in a store looking at a velvet sofa, you’ll probably be thinking really! BUT YES. A velvet sofa in a room with wallpaper is so granny chic. Soft velvet with bright coloured cushions and Grandma’s vintage lamp in the corner with the little fringe trim.

Granny Chic it’s the total opposite of the all-white frankly BORING interiors that we’re seeing everywhere. Forget about ‘less is more’. Granny chic design is all about ‘more is more’, vintage overload. If you like eclectic and a bit of shabby chic maybe granny chic is for you, an  interesting mix that express your unique personality.

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