The New Hamptons Style: What to look out for!

Hamptons Style

The *New* Hamptons Style: What to look out for!

So while it may feel like the Hamptons style has been around forever, you might not know that even this classic look has had a bit of a makeover in recent times. Even if you don’t know much about home interiors or décor, you’ll definitely be familiar with the Hamptons style of interior decorating – it’s a classic that refuses to go out of fashion! Taking its lead from the bright, beachy, sunlit interiors and exteriors of holiday houses in – you guessed it – the Hamptons, this style has travelled from the most eastern point of New York’s Long Island, all around the world. Think of it as a combo of beachside style and cosy country living!
Hamptons style is probably the interior style that is requested the most, and in the past couple of years I’ve noticed the style begin to shift away from the typical all-white, coastal look, to a more modern style – something more polished and “preppy”. A stunning all-American look that works really well in Australian homes, here’s what to look out for when pulling together a new Hamptons style home.

Key features of the new Hamptons style

Matte black fixtures

While the traditional Hamptons style uses copper or gold tap-ware, replacing your existing tap-ware in the kitchen and bathrooms with a matte black style is a simple way to modernise the look without breaking the bank.


Typically, the Hamptons style centres around a neutral colour palette of whites, greys and creams, with a healthy dose of blues thrown in to really drive home that coastal feel. But the new Hamptons style throws these rules out the window! As long as you keep enough key aspects the same (think natural materials like timber, linen, jutes and rattans), feel free to think outside the square when it comes to colours.


A few years ago, anything but a white tile would have been a total no-no for a Hamptons style home. Boy, how times have changed! These days, a patterned tile splash-back in the kitchen or a tiled statement shower are fabulous ways to jazz up the Hamptons look, and keep it from looking too prim and proper. If retiling is too much commitment, incorporate patterns into your space through cushions, throws and bed linen.

Indoor plants

Greenery hasn’t always been a part of Hamptons style, but a smattering of indoor plants is definitely a key part of the new Hamptons style. From a large fiddle leaf in the corner of the living room to lush ferns in the bathroom and small potted varieties on the kitchen bench, plants are the perfect way to bring vibrancy and life into your space, and they pair perfectly with the neutrals that are typical to the Hamptons style.

Revamped for the 2020s while staying true to its roots, the new Hamptons style brings a bit more colour and irreverence to the mix and is sure to mean that Hamptons style is here to stay!

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