Property Staging Hacks – I’m A Stylist And These Are My Secrets

Confessions of a professional property staging artist. They’re saucy, they’re salacious and they’ll sell your home.

Dim the lights. Draw the blinds. It’s confession time. I’m an interior ad property stylist and these are my property styling tips.

These Are My Confessions – Property Styling

Not all homes are perfect. There, I said it. It’s true. We’re all just people living out our lives. The flaws in your home are reminders of precious memories and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. The chipped paint is where the boys were kicking the football in the house. The bumps along the wall are from where excited little hands and feet would race down the corridor when you got home from work in the evening. They’re character, they’re beautiful and they’re imperfectly perfect.

It’s my job to make sure your buyers can see themselves making memories in this house too.

Property Styling Tips From A Professional

Here’s what you need to know.


You can encourage the presence of more natural light by replacing heavy, thick curtains with something light and breezy. Lamps in every room create a warm atmosphere and encourage conversation and a moment of pause – a big plus for your buyers if they’re looking for somewhere to reduce their stress.

Sneaky trick? Get long curtain rods on narrow windows. They’ll create the illusion of width and open up the space.


If you can have the house repainted, that’s your ideal property styling preparation. If you can’t repaint, touch up. Use artworks and furniture to get creative. You’re not lying to your potential buyers – they will find the surface that needs painting. What you are doing is prolonging the honeymoon period of the ‘love at first sight’ feeling that they’ll get upon doing their walkthrough.

A Little Pillow Talk

Kitchens and bathrooms are vital selling points, that’s true. They sell that these 2 rooms sell houses, but as a stylist I have to say a gorgeously styled master bedroom certainly doesn’t hurt. Plush, inviting and private – make it a dream for the stressed buyer. And honey, they’re all stressed.

Clean It Up!

Want to turn off your potential buyers? DON’T CLEAN. Don’t let your house be the house of horrors they snigger to their friends about. Clean it up, make it sparkle and let everyone see the diamond that’s been buried in the rough.

Let’s Talk

Keen to see me work my magic in your own? Get in contact with Stagency – The Styling Agency and let’s combine my industry experience with your enthusiasm. Let’s make it work.

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