So Many Decisions, So Many Choices, Why You Need An Interior Stylist

So Many Decisions

Pendant(s)? How big? How many? What is the budget? How high do I hang them above the counter?

Lounge room rug size? Border/no border? Wool or cotton? Colour? Pattern? Will It match cushions and lounge? Do I buy it before the lounge or after?

Which white paint do I use? OMG there are over 600 to choose from?

The struggle is real, the list is long and we understand, we get it. It’s the number one reason our clients call us, along with stress, budget blowouts and time factors. These all valid reasons why you need help and all reasons why our clients value our work and what we are able to bring to their projects.

Now add the above decisions x 20 as a minimum in just basic to think about to every room in the house and you start to get the overall idea of just how much work there is in interiors selections and designs and procurement and shopping and all the work that is involved in making your home beautiful. It wasn’t just a weekend shopping trip to Freedom by chance that made that home on insta look like it does…. (more on that later). Not to mention the 20 week wait for that sofa to arrive driving you up the wall right?

Then you watch the Block on a Sunday night and start to question yourself overthinking it -“I can do that why go to the expense?” seems easy enough!

But what if we could actually save you money, time, reduce your stress levels and deliver you a space that not only makes you and your family happy but adds value to your life and home? What if we could tell your story through design, push you to think outside the box in terms of style and teach you to better use your space in a way you have never thought of?

Creating a space that truly reflects your values, lifestyle and makes you feel good is truly worth investing in. Good design and interior styling can create a warmth and joy in your home that you have been looking for and provide a solution to your problems that you have been struggling with.


How We Save You Money

  • Help you only purchase what you need to complete your space
  • Work with what you already have that you may not have considered you could use
  • Purchase better quality, longer lasting furniture & decor
  • Time efficiency – time is money
  • Increase the value of your home buy using your space better
  • Save you costly mistakes

Save Your Sanity

You may feel confident after watching the block and thinking I can do that. But the reality os interior styling is very different. You may be here because you have purchased 47 cushions and you just cannot decide? or you have a 60 hour a week job and this is just not on your agenda and not your strong point? or this is really not your “thing” and you admit defeat and you just need help? it’s ok we are here to help and to save your sanity and bucket loads of your time.

Between planning, design, budgeting, shopping, colour choices, finishes, deliveries, trades, the list goes on before we even get to the styling part – the process can be overwhelming and exhausting. Not to mention fitting this in between your normal everyday work and existing life. And then the mistakes get expensive and the space ends up not quite being right and you have to keep redoing things and so it continues. You are never finished.

Or you could just hire us and be done. Let us take care of it all, or do an E Design which ever you prefer. Either way the hard part is done for you and you know it’s going to look amazing, it’s going to work and your going to be happy.


Thinking Outside The Box

We all get comfortable with our own style and the way we live, but comfortable isn’t why you are here, you are looking for something else? something a little more correct?

One of the great benefits of using an Interior stylist is that we will stretch you to think outside of the box when it comes to style. I am not talking a rainbow on your wall, Just something you would not normally think of. We will se potentital that you may have missed and teach you how you could better use space and colour and design..

We will use colour and texture and layers to create warmth and depth to your interiors. There’s no clinical whites in our clients homes. No instagram perfect white boring flat homes. We style beautiful homes for real life and real families.

Working With Melanie Grace, Our Head Interior Stylist

Styling a space is personal. It’s a lot more than selecting new furniture and a few paintings.

When it comes to interior styling, Mel has a reputation as the happiness whisperer. Taking inspiration from your families likes, and personality, interior stylist Mel will create a comfortable, functional, accessible, and happy place where you will love spending time and showing it off to your friends.

As Mel is one of Brisbane’s most in-demand interior stylists, she only takes a select number of clients during each season. But she’ll probably make an exception for you. (Shhh… don’t tell anyone!)



Let’s style together – Spoiler: it’s SO MUCH FUN!

First, Melanie Grace provides a candid, down to earth in-home or Zoom paid consultation. This is non negotiable for every client. It allows us to talk about your project, get to know each other to see if we can work well together and what direction we are heading in with your scope of works. She’ll discuss your space, your family’s needs, vision, budget and interior styling ideas. The consultation is the beginning of every project. It includes;

  • Identifying your needs, wishes and must haves.
  • Determining your ideal colour scheme, practical functionality, sizing and design trends
  • Understanding your tastes (and distastes!)
  • Planning to move forward with next steps and the “B” word (budget).

What’s included when you hire your interior stylist?

  • Generate and select from a list of our boutique suppliers who have just the right pieces in their collections.
  • Hit the showrooms both in person and online. As wholesale stylists, we have access to exclusive showrooms that the public cannot browse.
  • Receive real time photos of “just right” options for you to feast on – and select from using our design program.
  • Once you’ve found “the one,” we’ll organise everything – you just accept delivery and fall in love.
  • We’ll install and style and consult with you about how to make the most of your new feature pieces. This is our favourite part of any job – seeing it all come together!
  • All at a simple prepaid block hourly rate.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Interior Styling Here

Stagency is a property styling and interior styling agency in Brisbane. While we work across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South East Queensland, we also accept select jobs across Australia via Zoom.
Stagency is a property styling and interior styling agency in Brisbane. While we work across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South East Queensland, we also accept select jobs across Australia via Zoom.
Stagency is a property styling and interior styling agency in Brisbane. While we work across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South East Queensland, we also accept select jobs across Australia via Zoom.
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Interior Styling Brisbane and Across Australia

Stagency is an Interior Styling Agency based in the beautiful bayside Brisbane. While we work across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South East Queensland, we also accept select jobs across Australia via zoom. As Mel and our team are in high demand, we only accept a small number of clients at a time so we can give you one on one personal service, please get in touch to discuss if Stagency Interior Styling is right for your family and your property.

Interior and home styling is not everyone’s strength, that’s why home styling experts like Mel from Stagency can help you realise your vision, without making costly purchase mistakes. From your own home, to a beautiful AirBNB or investment property, or even your winter escape – we love your style.

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