Home Styling To Stay – Hire an Interior Stylist By The Hour To Source Your Style

Our ‘Styled to Stay’ interior styling service is about helping you source those precious “just right” pieces to make your house truly feel like your home. Unlike old school interior decorators, our interior stylist will consult with you, help you discover your style and then work on a simple hourly rate to source the right items for your space. Put your budget into joy, not consulting fees.

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Our Home Styling Philosophy

At Stagency Interior Styling, we are big believers that your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love, brought together under one roof. Your interior stylist will help you find the soul of your home. It embodies who you are, and just as we evolve over time, so do the spaces we live in.

We are the happiness whisperers. Whether you need an entire house made over or just one room, we help you to create a comfortable and beautiful space through the thoughtful and creative placement of furnishings, artwork and accessories.

Home styling is the perfect way to ensure you and your family continue to be the heart of the home by creating an authentic space with thoughtful choices that reflect your personality and your lifestyle.

Working With Melanie Grace, Our Interior Stylist

Styling a space is personal. It’s a lot more than selecting new furniture and a few paintings.

It’s about you and your family – and creating a space that you want to call home. Mel’s role is to help you see the potential in your home and to help you bring your ideas into focus – and then, reality. As Brisbane’s in demand interior stylist, Mel only works with select clients. Please do get in touch to find out if we’re a good fit.

Let’s style together – Spoiler: it’s SO MUCH FUN!

First, Melanie Grace provides a candid, down to earth in-home consultation. She’ll discuss your space, your family’s needs, vision, budget and interior styling plan.


  • Identify the key pieces to source
  • Determine your ideal colour scheme, practical functionality, sizing and design trends
  • Understand your tastes (and distastes!)
  • Sign on for our simple, hourly retainer. Unlike an interior decorator, you won’t pay thousands for a plan, instead you simply engage Mel to source your furniture and décor and arrange your new look. Retainers start at just five hours.

What’s included in your Stylist’s Retainer?

  • Generate a list of our boutique suppliers who have just the right pieces in their collections.
  • Hit the showrooms. As wholesale stylists, we have access to exclusive showrooms that the public cannot browse.
  • Receive real time photos of “just right” options for you to feast on – and select from.
  • Once you’ve found “the one,” we’ll organise everything – you just accept delivery and fall in love.
  • We’ll install and style and consult with you about how to make the most of your new feature pieces. This is our favourite part of any job – seeing it all come together!
  • All at a simple hourly rate, no $10K interior designer fees – because you have lovelier things to spend your money on!

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Interior Styling Brisbane and Across Australia

Stagency is a property styling and interior styling agency in Brisbane. While we work across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and South East Queensland, we also accept select jobs across Australia. As Mel and our team are in high demand, we cannot accept all enquiries, please get in touch to discuss if Stagency Interior Styling is right for your family and your property.

Interior design is not everyone’s strength, that’s why home styling experts like Mel from Stagency can help you realise your vision, without making costly purchase mistakes. From your own home, to a beautiful AirBNB or investment property, or even your winter escape – we love your style.

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