Property Staging – “Buyer Beware” Factors Hidden In A Well Styled Open Home

Buying a home? Buyer Beware. Don’t fall into the property staging trap. Contact Stagency - The Styling Agency today for a smart investment

Found a property you can’t resist? Was it the size of the bedrooms and floor plan that won you over, or did clever property staging blindside you into making a bid before you had a chance to really see the home?
Property staging is a smart investment for sellers wanting to increase the value of their property and make a speedy sale, but it can be a trap for buyers.
First impressions count when buying a property, but buyers should be warned to look beyond the bells and whistles of a property before making an offer.

What is property staging?

Property staging is the professional styling of a home in preparation for sale. Property stylists source furniture and accessories based on the property’s requirements and install and style them to create the ultimate wow factor for potential buyers. They ensure the property is equipped with everything it needs to make a killer first impression. A professional property stylist can maximise the appeal of any home to buyers, highlighting its true potential. Home staging done right can increase the value of a home, attract more buyers, and lessen its time on the market.

Over-staging a home

Going overboard in the property staging process can distract buyers from seeing the real property and its own characteristics. Too much furniture, artwork and accessories can take away from the property rather than add value. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure it’s the house you’ve fallen in love with and not the furnishings.

Hiding flaws

Beware of property staging that puts a band aid over flaws and detracts from problem areas. That beautiful piece of artwork in the living room could be hiding a hole in the wall, and the designer rug could be covering up rotten floorboards, stained carpet or chipped tiles.
Pay attention to the size of furniture on display. Don’t let the furniture deceive you into thinking the space is larger than it actually is.

How to look past property staging

It’s all too easy for stunning styling to distract you when you’re house hunting. Ensure you view properties with your eyes wide open. Picture the property with your furniture and artwork in it. Take note of the floor plan and whether it will work for you. Are the bedrooms and bathrooms big enough? Is the layout of the kitchen just right for you? Be sure to look beyond the home staging and at the actual home.
If you’re still in love with the home, book a property inspector to give you peace of mind that your investment is a smart one.

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