The Property Stylist Secrets That Transform A Space

The secret life of the property stylist is truly worthy of a Richard Attenborough documentary. A truly fascinating species.

Admit it – you’ve fancied yourself a property stylist before. A quick whiz around the homewares section in Kmart can leave any of us feeling like our inner interior decorator is just waiting to be let loose and spread fabulousness everywhere.

But the life of an ACTUAL property stylist is infinitely more complex than a few throw pillows and a fake pot plant that’s been reduced to $7. Here’s everything you didn’t know about that elusive creature – the property stylist.

Property Stylists – The Modern Day Muse

Where so many people see an empty room, the property stylist sees a blank canvas on which they can create a work of art that will entice the perfect buyer. They can build something from nothing and perform miracles with natural light, feature walls and parts of your property you’d never considered.

But what are their secrets?

Confessions of a Property Stylist

Melanie Grace of Stagency – The Styling Agency is always busy pouring her energy into crafting other people’s dreams. Her heart and soul go into her styling and no stone is left unturned (or unpolished) when it comes to providing the perfect outcome for her clients.

Here are her secrets.

Let There Be Light

The right property stylist will understand the importance of light. Be it natural lighting in a living room to create space or soft lamps in bedrooms to enhance a sense of peaceful retreat – good lighting knowledge sets apart a quality property stylist from an amateur.

A Bit Of Culture, Darling

Appropriately chosen artwork that is professionally framed and hung is vital when it comes to property styling. You need to ensure that your property stylist is aware of the importance of the right kind of artwork when it comes to potential clients imagining themselves living in your space. Glass, framed art instead of tacky posters stuck to the wall will transform a hovel into a home.

A Gentle Touch

It can be difficult being a property stylist. Many people are very attached to their homes and their furniture. They have blinkers on when it comes to seeing their home through the eyes of someone else and can be quite resistant to the idea of change.

The right property stylist will go out of their way to gently guide their client to better understand the market and how making key changes will most likely lead to an increased sale price and a definite return on investment.

A Passion Project

Here’s the biggest secret of all. Your property stylist loves their job. The sweat, the tears, the exhaustion. The trips back and forth in the car, the lost time, the intricate attention to detail. They love all of it.

If you want to share that love, get in contact with Melanie to begin your own consultation process.

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