A Love Affair or a Dangerous Liason? The deal with Hamptons Style Homes in Brisbane.

What happens when ‘on trend’ starts to become ‘on high rotation’? The problem with Hamptons home styling and what you need to know.

To say that Hamptons home styling is popular is like saying Jonathan Thurston is alright at playing football. It’s the understatement of the year. Hamptons is HOT – but some are starting to say that it’s actually NOT. What’s the deal and how will it impact the sale of your home?

I Do Like To Live Beside The Seaside

When we’re talking Hamptons, what we mean is an effortlessly luxurious dwelling that speaks of cash, class and chardonnay on the jetty while watching the boats glide in.

The issues is that, in Brisbane at least, there are very few areas and postcodes that actually pair up with this lifestyle. Hamptons means coastal – it’s an area in the state of New York where the who’s who escape the hustle and bustle to relax by the beach (in a classic and sophisticated way). It can easily be understood, then, why styling a home this way in Wavell Heights may be slightly confusing.

We Never Go Out Of Style

Except, as any good stylist knows, we do. Hamptons is a very obvious styling and design choice. It’s all whites, blues and polished lines. When this trend fades into the next, you may become as embarrassed about the Hamptons styling touches as you used to be about those 80’s yellow stained-glass panels. Try to remember that they, too, were once the height of fashion.

The popularity of Hamptons style homes in Brisbane means that every second home that’s advertised for sale invariably ends up looking exactly the same. Where’s the individuality? Where is the space in these same-same interiors for your potential buyers to form an emotional connection and start to feel at home? Where’s the artwork instead of bowls of seashells? Where’s the colour instead of muted monochromatic blue scales? Where’s the POP? (And we don’t mean champagne bottles)

Unique? Tres Chic

You need unique property styling that will invite purchasers in rather than shut them out. Choose a stylist who doesn’t rely on the exact same fit out to match every home. Work with someone who knows the market, knows the buyers and knows how to get YOU the kind of result you want.

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