Selling Real Estate For More – Little Tweaks that Make Big Profits

If you’re looking to put your house on the market, you will want to know these tweaks that will see big profits after the sale.

The ultimate goal when selling a home is to make a profit from the sale. The second goal is to sell as quickly as possible to prevent the listing from going stale. If you’re selling real estate, to make certain both goals are achieved, a number of actions need to take place to ensure you make a big profit when the sale goes through. These little tweaks can make a big impact on the profit you make on your home.

Choose the right time to sell

You may have heard the terms a ‘buyer’s market’ or ‘seller’s market’. Ideally, you want to sell in a seller’s market to ensure you get the maximum profit on your home. Selling in a buyer’s market, where a number of properties similar to yours are listed, will mean more competition when selling your home. If you are not governed by circumstance to sell your home, wait for the right conditions to sell. Typically spring and the New Year are the best times to sell as many people travel interstate for work opportunities.

If you are governed by your circumstance, the next tweaks will help you get the most from your sale to ensure your property stands out from those listed at the same time.

Style your property to sell with a property stylist

Every property listed on the market has the potential to get more than the asking price and the best way to ensure this is through the use of a property stylist. A property stylist will home stage your home into a magnificent piece of real estate through the skill of styling and creating a neutral interior that will attract buyers. A property stylist ensures your real estate photography will shine when your home is listed for sale. An image can paint a thousand words and when it comes to property styling and photography, these can get the right buyers through the door and prompt an emotional sale which could see thousands added to the asking price.

Choose a reputable real estate agent

A real estate agent that has a proven record of sales in your area is worthwhile to note. However a record of sales does not necessarily mean the real estate agent is brilliant. Look at how much the houses have sold for and get word of mouth recommendations before selecting your agent. Meet with a minimum of three agents to get a feel for their manner and get an idea of what they predict they could sell your house for.

Check the Marketing Fee

The marketing fee is part of the agents fee to advertise your home for sale. An online listing will attract thousands of visitors with the potential for enquiries. Ask your agent what their marketing fee is and what kind of advertising you will get for the amount requested. Social media is another great media avenue to sell your home. Consider if this is something you can do yourself or whether it is part of the marketing fee to promote your home. The smaller the marketing fee, the less money you have to pay your agent, which is more bucks in your back pocket.

There are a number of variables that can come into play when getting the most profit for your home. If you choose a great agent, they will guide you on setting the right listing price and offer suggestions that may help the house sell for more. Take these into consideration, but also be governed by your own research.


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