My Home – Shorncliffe and Sandgate Inspiration

Want to know where my design and style inspiration comes from? I live in Shorncliffe and I think it’s the most beautiful place in the world. Come and see.

Every morning I rise early, way before the kids start their morning chorus of complaints, and I take my dog for a walk. Every day I am blessed, humbled and awestruck to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Shorncliffe an the surrounding areas fill me with such gratitude that it’s almost as if they have seeped into my very soul. Where I live inspires my design. Here’s how.

Shorncliffe and Sandgate are part of the wallpaper

Even though my work takes me far beyond the bay, I always find my heart coming back to it whenever I’m working to shape someone else’s dream. I think of the beautiful old Queenslander homes that aren’t being knocked down for redevelopment but are instead being lovingly restored to protect the heritage of the area.
When I’m working on kids and family spaces I think of walking, riding, playing and chasing with my own children along the Sandgate and Shorncliffe foreshore. I think of their fun, energy and spirit and try to mirror that for the families I work with. It’s as if their happiness and vitality has somehow snaked its way across town and infiltrated the corners of the home that I’m working in.
I think of the sea. That beautiful expanse that stretches out to the horizon and greets me with impossibly beautiful sunrises every morning. I think of the prawn trawlers making their ways back to shore to gift their bounties to the ravenously waiting locals. I think of fish and chips (and seagulls!) and how many beautiful childhood experiences have been shaped in this area. And how many of those children now have their own children and are doing the same things with them.

Shorncliffe Inspiration

I’m inspired by the seaside. By the colours, the light, the atmosphere and the architecture. I’m inspired by living in a community where you’re greeted by name every time you go to the shops and that passers by always nod and smile hello. I’m inspired by friendship, family, community and spirit. I’m inspired by life.
There’s a peace here – a tranquillity that I don’t think you’d find in many other places. I’m not willing to move away from Shorncliffe so I guess I’ll never know. It’s hard to imagine anywhere else being so perfect.
As I take my morning walks, just me and my dog, I smile. And I watch the sunrise with excitement about the possibilities that each new day will bring.

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