Property Styling Keeps Slowing Property Market Alive

Is the slowing property market holding you back from your home? CLICK HERE and see how home staging can get you the best sale price!

The property market can be such a fickle place. Investing your hard earned dollars this way requires a lot of research and a huge leap of faith. So, when is the right time to sell?

Sydney and Melbourne might be experiencing a slowing property market and a drop in the average median value but that doesn’t mean your home can’t sell for your asking price. Property stylists are bringing higher sale prices for home owners, not just in the big cities, but Brisbane too.  

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne – What’s hot and what’s not?  

While property prices are changing in Melbourne and Sydney, there is more demand in Brisbane as the market holds steady. Investors are watching and waiting to make their move and secure their next slice of real estate.

Brisbane has been overlooked for years while Sydney and Melbourne have been desired for investments. Trends are showing that in the next 12 months Brisbane is going to be the latest property hot spot. So if you’re ready to sell but don’t want to risk your property sitting on the market for months, do it right, stand out from the crowd and it is possible for you to walk away with your asking price!

Is the slowing property market holding you back from your home? CLICK HERE and see how home staging can get you the best sale price!

Property stylists – Helping homeowners stay ahead of the game 

Whether you are looking at upgrading or downsizing, the best-selling properties all have one thing in common. The seller understands the importance of property styling to get their home ready for auctions and open houses.

You might be wondering why someone would want to spend an extra $3,000 to $20,000 to stage their property when you already have perfectly usable furniture. Well, stylists have a trained eye for interior decorating and know how to style your property with beautiful furnishings so that when potential buyers walk through the door they feel an emotional connection with the house. They imagine themselves living there, entertaining and raising children. This emotion is a driving force for buyers to make an offer, often a little more than they had anticipated.

Sellers that have successfully used property stylists in Brisbane will tell you that the benefits of having a professional style your home for sale, far outweighs the cost. According to L.J Hooker, their survey revealed that home staging increased final sale prices by an average of 7-12.5%!

Tips to getting the best price for your home in a slowing property market

We know property is a turbulent market however, there are a few things you can do to maximise your sale price. They include:

  • Before you list your property for sale, it is recommended that you seek advice from an experienced real estate agent that has been through the property booms and busts before. They will be able to advise you on how today’s market is looking, when you should list or if you should hold off. They can also offer tips to help you get the best possible sale price.
  • Declutter before potential buyers come looking. Over time homeowners will accumulate excess possessions that clutter the property. Keep it minimal.
  • Use a property stylist to style your home. It is important to do your research though as not all stylists are created equal. Ensure that your stylist uses high-end furniture as this will help your property to stand out from the crowd and bring higher prices for vendors.   


Don’t let the slowing property market put you off selling your home, Brisbane is in demand and buyers and investors are looking. Professional property styling can take your home from ‘it’s nice’ to SOLD!

Stand out from other listings and show buyers your properties true potential – call Stagency today on 0418 114 893 to discuss your styling needs.

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