Property Styling Packages – The Terrible Truth

Styling packages appear like a straight-forward solution – but how could they negatively impact the sale of your home?

You are you. You’re an individual. You have your own story, your own likes, your own dislikes. You’ve got your job that’s yours, your friends, your secret collection of embarrassingly daggy undies. There are a million and one things that make you YOU – you could never be expected to fit into the same mould as anyone else. It would be an insult and a complete disregard of all the things that make you an individual.

In a similar sense, each and every home is different. Those four walls hold a story – not only about you and your past there, but about the potential future of the next family to occupy it. The nooks and crannies, the open spaces and the tight corners all represent a uniqueness that deserves to be highlighted and represented in the best light.

Why is it, then, that so many property stylists and homewares stores seem to think it’s appropriate to develop mass-produced styling packages?

Rage Against The Cookie Cutters 

Why produce these styling packages? It’s simple. It’s a lack of creativity, a lack of market knowledge and a lack of regard for the customers who purchase the packages. These packages are NOT developed so you, the seller, receive the highest possible return on investment. They are so the property stylist can make the most amount of money possible in return for the least amount of effort.

Is that what your home is worth to you?

The Problem With Standardisation

The intention of having your property styled is to work with a stylist who has a keen knowledge of the property market. They’ll be able to pinpoint exactly the type of buyer your property should be attracting and they will tailor the styling to suit that buyer. Your buyers will be able to imagine themselves living in your home – they’ll fall in love with the place and, with stars in their eyes, will race to the finish line.

It begs the question then – how can that ‘love at first sight’ effect be mass produced? If you’re being sold the same styling package as everyone else, where is the market research? Where is the knowledge and the intention to connect with your potential purchasers? How can a one-size-fits all approach to property styling attract a high return on your investment?

Beware The Matrix 

In your research, you may have come across virtual styling packages. This is where you can computer generate graphics and pictures of your home that have been professionally styled. Admittedly, this is a fabulous way to advertise the property online but there’s a catch.

When purchasers come to tour your property in person, there’s nothing there. They can only see wide, empty space with no soul and no spark. Any minor flaw in the property is magnified purely because there is nothing else to look at. Virtual packages might save money initially but they’ll cost you in terms of your sale.

You Get What You Pay For

Have you found a styling package that’s significantly cheaper than everyone else? There’s a reason for that. Cheap styling means your house will look CHEAP. You’re not going to be attracting the kind of clientele who will secure the margin you’re chasing. Consider your target market – something any property stylist worth their salt will be able to explain at length.

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