Design Your Baby Room- With a Little Pro Help!

Design Your Baby Room- With a Little Pro Help!

Welcoming a baby into the world is a special time, and comes with the exciting task of preparing your baby’s room! 

Getting your baby’s room ready can be equally enjoyable as it can be overwhelming, so we are here to help. Let’s work through the stages together, starting with important foundations and ending with fun accessories!  

Choose Your Wall Colour

Colour can be used to establish a tone in your baby’s room and is a great foundation to build upon with the rest of the room. These days, there is no pressure to colour coordinate according to a baby’s gender, which means endless opportunities. A neutral colour palette is a great option as it won’t clash with other elements in the room and can easily evolve with your child.  


You want to think comfy and practical for this one. This could mean a wool loop pile carpet, or wooden floorboards with a plush rug layer. You want your space to feel warm and like a sanctuary for you and your bubba, so make it comfy while keeping in mind practicality is your winning ticket.  

Hint: When choosing a colour for your flooring, you may want to lean towards an option that easily hides stains….


We all know the nursery essentials when it comes to furniture, but making sure we are getting the most functional options is key. 

  • Change table: Starting with your change table, you want to make sure you have easy to access draws beneath the table. This will make change time more of a breeze than jeez. 
  • Cot: For your cot, your word is versatile. Make sure your cot is going to be versatile as your child grows and isn’t going to be a one trick pony so to speak. Look for things like adjustable height (both cot and mattress base) and removable rails. Rounded corners are another must have. 
  • Nursing chair: Now for the crucial item. Whether your feeding, snuggling, or just watching your baby, you’re not going to regret investing a little more in making sure this chair is the best thing you’ve ever sat your butt on. Once you are done with it in the nursery, you can always move it to a different room of the house and enjoy it all over again. 
  • Storage: Extra storage is never going to be wasted, so make sure you are using your extra space by adding some draws, shelves, toy boxes/bins and/or baskets.

Window Furnishings 

It is very much a personal preference as to whether you like a darkened room or something a little lighter. Block out blinds or curtains are great for those daytime naps if you do prefer a darker setting, otherwise curtains that are slightly sheer are an option when opting for more light. If you’re concerned about dust and/or allergies, plantation shutters are a great option.  


An easy way to begin your styling process is by basing your designs off a certain item or feature in your room. This could be a rug, a colour, your favourite animal, a painting or even a piece of fruit. Once you have your focus point, you can easily choose decor that are going to correlate with this item. It’s also handy to keep in mind that you don’t want to make too many ‘permeant’ changes to the room as you want it to be adaptable to your baby as they grow and evolve. This is such a fun and rewarding stage of the process so make the most out of it and really let your inner child let loose!

Need some extra help in tying all the ideas together successfully? Our stylist is ready to talk about all your big ideas and help you make a home for your little bubba. The best part? Achieve the “designer look” with access to our exclusive lines via our stylist designer access. 


Whether you need an entire bedroom or just a small area, Mel will help you find the soul of your child’s space and show off the heart of your home. Read about our Children’s Interior Stylist service today. 


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