Are Your Nursery Decor Ideas Good Ideas? Here’s How To Know!

When planning your nursery design, there’s so much to think about. Don’t get stuck with décor that doesn’t work. Try these ideas instead.

Changing the décor of any room is a pretty big project at the best of times, but decorating a nursery? As expecting parents? And finishing it all before baby comes home for the very first time? 

There’s so much to consider, and the clock’s always counting down. No wonder many parents very quickly become overwhelmed and stressed about the whole idea, especially when they don’t have much experience with interior styling or design. 

Thankfully, there’s some good news. We have some exceptional nursery decor ideas and styling tips to help you create a space for your newborn that’s homely, comfortable, and safe. If you’ve got big plans for your new baby’s nursery but you’re overthinking it or just unsure where to start, take a deep breath. Then simply take it one step at a time!

Safety Comes First

First and foremost, safety should always be a consideration for yourself and your baby. That means all of the painting must be completed at least two months before the due date, and make sure to leave windows open to help with ventilation. Secure any rugs to the floor with strong tape or under heavy furniture to avoid the chance of slipping while carrying your baby. And while the crawling stage might seem forever away, put covers on electric outlets in the nursery now, so you don’t forget later.

When deciding on a nightlight to soothe your newborn, make sure it’s bright enough to see when you’re half-asleep in the middle of the night. Choose a changing table with protective rails, so your baby doesn’t fall once they’ve learned how to roll over. Speaking of falling, never put the table or the cot underneath shelves where something could get knocked down. 

Get Inspired With Themes 

When it comes to nursery decor ideas, they will often revolve around one central theme. You may want to put the “fun” back into “functional” with a themed range of matching bedding, wallpaper, and other accessories. Alternatively, you could come up with some creative ways to combine different themes by mixing and matching as you like. As long as it’s comfortable, and it certainly won’t hurt if it’s just a little bit cute, colourful, and fun. 

While brightly coloured themes with Tigger or Elsa are popular nursery decor, you can also go for a more subtle approach. Simply by taking it down a notch with a classical style of neutral colours, your theme may feel a little more inviting, tranquil, and balanced with the rest of your home. But no matter where your inspiration comes from, your nursery theme will ultimately help inform the rest of your decor ideas moving forward. 

Choose The Right Furniture

When it comes to the nursery furniture, the crib is the central piece, so it’s obviously the best place to start. Remember that babies sleep in their cribs for a few years, so comfort and quality are both super important. Consider investing in good quality furniture for your child’s nursery which will continue being functional for them as they age. A conversion crib that later becomes a full-size toddler bed is also a good option to consider.

And because nursing can be a tricky juggling act, you’ll also need a changing table that’s easy to clean, functional, and has fast access to everything you need. And don’t forget somewhere to sit for those late-night feeds, and make sure it’s super comfy because you’ll spend so much time in that chair. While all nursery furniture should be child-friendly, that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to be childish. Once the larger main items of furniture are all in place, you’ll be able to visualise the spatial requirements of the room much better so you can work out what else is needed versus what will fit. 

From The Windows… 

Show off a little bit of your style by matching the window treatments to the décor while adding to the theme of your baby’s nursery. Many parents either include their theme’s central character in their window treatments or find a way to match one or some of the colours thematically. Using a single block of colour on their windows is also an excellent way to mix bold shades into your baby’s nursery without the whole room feeling overwhelmed.

Remember that your new baby is going to need somewhere calm and quiet to sleep, so one of the best nursery decor ideas is to make sure it’s dark at any time of the day. Block out blinds are designed to create a completely dark room by keeping the sunlight out. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of types and colours which can help you add a little flair as well. 

…To The Walls 

Despite newborn babies having no experience as art critics, decorating the walls with artwork still has an important impact on your nursery. Not only does art add some texture and personality, but it’s also an easy way to develop your theme and other nursery decor ideas. Remember that the same design principles apply in your baby’s nursery as the interior of every other room in your home. 

It doesn’t matter if you decide to add some baby-themed decals, create your own original pieces, or use stylish pictures with culture, hanging the right artwork on your walls can help extend your theme by matching the relevance. Or you can create a gallery wall by mixing and matching styles and using a central piece as the focal point for your nursery.

Get Savvy With Your Storage

Babies need so much stuff. Nappies and baby wipes. Toys and burp cloths. Bibs and baby blankets. Clothes and stuffed animals. This is why one of the best nursery decor ideas is having plenty of storage space built to store everything rather than leave it scattered all over the floor. Basically, you can never have too much functional storage space.

If your nursery is pretty tight on space, make sure you find some double use furniture wherever you can. Like a changing table with a few drawers, or a crib that incorporates storage underneath. Once you’ve worked out how much space your newborn will most likely need for storage, immediately add some more space. This is because new parents almost always underestimate just how much stuff they need.

Put It All Together 

Once your key furniture and all the other basic elements have arrived, it’s time to put it all together and decorate your nursery. Children’s interior design isn’t everyone’s best strength, so remember not to overdo it. Just because this will be a baby’s room, doesn’t mean a cacophony of opposing colours will look good. There really is such a thing as too much fluff. When considering your nursery decor ideas, always be aware of key design principles like space and scale

As interior stylists, this is by far our favourite part of the whole process. Simply adding a few playful hints of style throughout your nursery decor, ultimately helps create a warm and welcoming feeling in your nursery for your new baby to enjoy. 

Whether your little bundle of joy is coming home for the first time soon, or you already have an energetic little bub, contact Stagency Interior Styling to discuss your nursery decor ideas. We’ll help create a beautifully themed and stylish nursery for your baby that will ultimately become the new heart of your family home.

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