My interior stylist sure knows how to pull a look together!

My Interior Stylist

If you’ve been looking into the latest interior styles, your mind might have started to creep towards achieving one (or more) of these looks in your own home. But if you can’t quite seem to replicate your Hamptons Pinterest board as well as you’d hoped, maybe it’s time to call in some professional assistance. As you explore your freshly-styled home, you won’t be able to stop yourself from uttering the words, “I LOVE my home! My interior stylist is a genius!” (or words to that effect). Bringing a professional eye into the mix is the best way to make sure your home is exactly as you might’ve dreamed. And the best bit? Interior styling can be changed with very little fuss, so when it’s time to update your look, it can be changed in a (relative) snap. Here are some important facts about interior stylists…

“My interior stylist is an expert.”

That’s right, folks. It takes an innate eye for design and detail to make it as an interior stylist. But beyond that, it takes a whole lot of education and experience to know not only what pieces to pick out to complete a look. A stylist also needs to be an expert conversationalist, listener, and between-the-lines reader of what’s being said vs. what’s intended. A good interior stylist knows to keep digging to gain a very clear vision of what their clients are hoping to achieve. 

In the lead up to the job, and right the way through, your interior stylist should be getting super crystal clear on your expectations around budget, likes, dislikes, your ability to maintain the look, how you use your home, what your ethos is around sustainability, and so on. If your interior stylist is not asking a bunch of questions before you kick off your project, you might want to keep shopping around

“My interior stylist is flexible.”

You might have an image in your mind of someone very professional also being very rigid. Not so with interior styling. (Or at least here at Stagency) There are a number of ways your consultations can take place – either online, in person on-site or at a mutually beneficial location. The only thing that can’t be done remotely is the actual styling itself! 

We stylists know our clients are often under a time crunch, so are more than happy to work in with your schedule, and reduce the stress of taking on a new project wherever possible.

“My interior stylist is an art lover.”

One of the best elements of any styling job has to be discovering new art and artists. From framed photography to acrylics on canvas, uncovering masterpieces that tie a room together is incredibly satisfying. No matter which room is receiving its makeover, the talking point is inevitably the art hanging on the wall. Art is there to be evocative, provocative and even, at times, a transportation device. There is nothing more powerful than artwork done well…

“My interior stylist is surprising.”

Being an interior stylist means being able to push design boundaries and create spaces that are truly significant to their inhabitants. Many clients have set ideas about what they want their home to look like, but an interior stylist has the opportunity to challenge those preconceived ideas and add a little extra flavour.

Add to this the ability to regularly surprise and delight clients with bespoke, memorable touches that mean so much. Adding in a little ‘Easter egg’ here or there from a repurposed keepsake to a sentimental long-held dream item to be discovered is definitely a highlight of the job…


Experienced interior stylist, Melanie Grace is here to help you turn your dream house into your forever home. Get in touch today to arrange your initial consultation and see where the inspiration takes you…


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