Beyond Hamptons interior styling … what’s next?

Whilst the classic Hamptons interior styling is here to stay, savvy home stylists are finding new alternatives. Read on to discover the hottest new trends giving Hamptons a run for its money…

Hamptons interior styling. The most popular go-to in the Pinterest-home-stylist’s playbook of dreams. It’s modern, chic and oh-so elegant. BUT… has Hamptons styling had its time, or is it here to stay?

Hot on the heels of the Hamptons interior styling mega trend come alternative options such as boho and contemporary.  Styles with their own personality and feel that can be just as inviting and stylish as any modern Hamptons setting. And don’t forget the budget-friendly style followers who find their way into a trend via thrifty avenues like the latest Kmart hot-ticket item. So if you’re considering a change, which approach will be the winner for your home? The classic or the new kid on the block?

Alternative #1: Boho interior styling

Boho styling is one of these beautifully moving targets where the rules are: there are no rules. It takes a skilled eye to take artefacts seemingly chosen at random, and seemingly unconnected to each other, and bring them together to create an harmonious look. You may take a liking to a particular era or geographical influence, to tie your look together, but the pieces themselves can be as whimsically different as you like.

‘Unmatching’ is the key to success with this interior styling trend. Op-shoppers and long-term collectors will particularly enjoy this look full of mis-matched furniture and well-loved bits and bobs on a neutral backdrop of white, cream or light grey walls.


Alternative #2: Contemporary styling 

Contemporary styling errs on the side of minimalism, but keeps its warmth through the use of colour and texture. Whilst walls are kept plain with block neutrals, black and white, each space is hit with a bolt of colour from soft furnishings and distinctive smaller elements. 

The most prominent factor in a contemporary-styled space is the use of clean, straight lines. By involving structural elements in the design of the room rather than hiding them, placing furniture in a strategic way and leaving spaces blank for breathing room, a contemporary look is your fuss free answer to a calm, clutter-free home.


Achieving interior styling trends on a budget

No matter which look you choose, achieving a style in its entirety can become an expensive process. Whilst investments need to be made in the more prominent features, such as the couch you’ll spend every night sitting on, or the kitchen cabinetry that needs to be functional as well as stylish, there are elements you may be able to source that bring the old budget back into balance. 

A quick trawl around your local charity stores, or a snoop around your nearest Kmart or Ikea and you’ll be able to source pieces that tie in to your space nicely without the hefty price tag.

Without a doubt, the best thing about using these budget styling options is that you can ‘try on’ an interior styling trend for size. You can start by pulling a few items together for an existing room and build up your collection, love it until it wears out, and then move on to the next idea. Budget styling offers you freedom to change your mind at the drop of a hat.

You don’t have to go far to find Australian homeowners going mad for budget styling solutions. Jump online and you will find throngs of dedicated followers of interior styling (on a budget) across every social media platform and beyond.


If you would like some help pulling your interior styling together, whether it’s Hamptons, boho, contemporary or otherwise, contact Melanie Grace, Stagency’s head stylist, today for expert advice.


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