First Date Jitters – How to have the “property styling” conversation with your seller

It’s awkward and uncomfortable but it needs to happen. Here’s how to push through that chat about property styling and make your seller is on board.

It’s awkward and uncomfortable but it NEEDS to happen. Here’s how to push through that chat about property styling and make sure your seller is on board.

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Selling a house can be a lot like dating again. Your clothes and haircut have gone out of style. Your coffee order is still a cappuccino and your knowledge of wines is limited to ‘red’ or ‘white’. You feel uncomfortable, you feel out of place and you have little to no idea of what’s going on.

Many of today’s sellers are just like this. No recent market experience and are out of touch with what buyers want. They need property styling and they need it bad.

The problem is – you need to tell them. How do you go from first-date horror story to happily ever after?

Discuss the return on investment benefits that property styling will bring


Get straight down to the cold hard facts. Expect resistance to the idea of paying someone to style their home but let them know the following:

* Property styling increases sale prices (on average) by between 7 and 12.5%.
* Homes that have been professionally styled spend less time on the market than those that have not (96% sell within six weeks).
* Property styling means increased auction turnout, more people through the property, more social shares and more expressions of interest. This can only happen if buyers can ‘see themselves’ in the home.


Before & After

Make the connection

Arranging a consultation with a property styling company will lead to an in-house style consultation. This will allow the stylist to walk the seller through and see their property with fresh, new eyes.

First impressions count. Purchasers take roughly eight seconds to make a real emotional connection with the property. The goal of the property stylist is to ease their eye, and heart, through as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The bigger picture with a property stylist

Dazzle your seller with the grand campaign. Pristine photographs, a spectacular video walk through, polished floor plans. Property styling is part of this perfect, professional package that will ensure their cherished home stands out from the pack.

Have this difficult conversation with your seller early when excitement levels are high to let them see the true potential of their home. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

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over $15M in sales

We have helped clients sell over $15 Million worth of property

over $1M in profit

We have helped earn our clients over $1 Million in profit on their properties

1031% ROI

Our Average Client ROI is 1031%

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For The Last 2 Years 100% Of Our Properties Styled Have Sold

Our Last 6 Properties Have SOLD at First Open

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