What Brisbane Interior Design Firms DO NOT DO

Style My Home Boho Style

It might be tempting to research ‘Brisbane interior design firms’ if you’re styling your home to stay (or to sell). They’re big, they’re flashy and they promise you the world. But have you stopped to consider what they’re actually selling – and if you can afford it? Financially AND emotionally?

What They Do

Brisbane interior designers operate under the guise of drawing out long consultation processes, developing intricate colour schemes and pushing renovation plans on their clients. It’s a huge process and it’s one that can see you scrambling for the cash to be able to afford it. This way of doing things can take a very long time and it will see you flipping calendar pages over and over before you even start to see any results. 

What They Don’t Do

Brisbane interior design firms won’t provide you with the kind of hourly rated personal shopping that an interior stylist is capable with. They won’t help you source the key features that you need and they definitely don’t help you ‘style to stay’ without the creation of a MASSIVE bill to accommodate all of their strategies. Simply put? They don’t do what you need RIGHT NOW. 

What you’re looking for is that breath of fresh air into your stale space that will lift it from drab to fab. You want to be able to transfer either single rooms or a couple of rooms and you’d like to do that in an affordable and timely manner. Think pieces, conversational nooks and simply divine artwork and styling will transform your living areas. You don’t need the huge budget and grand plans that your Brisbane interior design firm is offering you. You want results that will work and you want to be treated like a human being by an interior stylist who has your best interests at heart. 

What is an interior stylist?

Designer? Decorator? Stylist? – Whats the difference……

For Interior Designers, what a space does is much more important than how a space looks overall. Its function is their main concern. They deal with the building, the location and the planning of your renovation. Interior Designers decorate, but interior stylists do not formally design. When it comes to finishing off your renovation and turning your dream reno into your dream home, then its time to call in the interior stylist. Feeling a little daunted at putting your dream space into action? feeling overwhelmed with 300 cushion choices and not sure what goes with what? This is where an interior stylist is well worth the investment.

Working with an interior stylist

Work with someone smaller. Someone who will make the effort to get to know you and work closely with you to create (and form) a vision for your home. Someone who knows the market trends, who can source the latest pieces and who can click the puzzle together to create an uplifting, liveable home that’s on trend (and on budget).

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