The Difference Between an Interior Designer and an Interior Stylist

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For a long time, the job titles of Interior Designer and Interior Stylist have been thrown around as though they’re the same. The truth is, they’re drastically different. 

Vanessa Colyer Tay, a stylist for Inside Out Magazine, used the perfect analogy in an interview for Interiors Addict. “Interior designers are scientists and stylists are magicians,” she said. Perhaps I should change my job title to Magician? 

The thing that tends to get people confused between the two is the crossover. Interior designers decorate to stylists do, but interior stylists do not design. Interior designers are responsible for the art and science behind a design. They are responsible for understanding people’s behaviour to create the perfect space, a healthy space that is aesthetically pleasing. Interior designers focus on the fixed aspects of a room like flooring or walls. They have studied history, furniture, architecture and construction. And yes, they also decorate, it’s the final touches to their creation that count, and if they can’t find the right piece, they’ll design it themselves –  a lamp, a cushion or even a sculpture. It’s pretty damn impressive, but I think I’ll leave the science to the designers. 

But what would an empty space be without the magician’s AKA, the Interior stylists? We’re no Houdini, but we’re quick, agile and bring dull and tired rooms to life. Where the designer focuses on creating what makes a room, stylists give the room personality and style. 

What Is An Interior Stylist? What Is An Interior Decorator?

  • An interior designer holds a tertiary qualification in this discipline usually a degree or advanced diploma in interior design, and is concerned with every aspect of the way in which interior spaces are laid out, allocated and used.
  • An interior stylist typically holds a qualification in interior decoration (normally a diploma), and is concerned with dressing and sourcing for an interior with furniture and soft furnishings such as artwork, rugs and accessories.

When to use an interior designer? 

If it’s more than a makeover you’re after, and you need expert advice on changing floor plans or even walls to make things work for you, or you’re looking to create something from scratch, an interior designer is for you. They’ll take the surrounding environment into consideration to create a space that works. They will select your hard finishes like tap ware and tile choices.

When to use an interior stylist? 

If you’re looking to bring a space to life, whether it be to sell or rent a house or to bring some of your personality into your home, an interior stylist is your go-to person;  it’s our speciality at Stagency. Without changing the structure of your home, we can change the look of a room by adding, moving and removing different textures and items. The key to a perfectly styled property is to make it look like it’s been that way all along. 

Let us work our magic on your home. Request a quote from Stagency today!


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