Home Stylist vs Interior Designer – What’s The Difference?

Home Stylist vs Interior Designer – What’s The Difference?

With so many terms that sound similar, but mean completely different things flying around out there in the world of interiors, it can be hard to know your home stylist from your interior designer or decorator. But there are key differences between each, and it’s essential to understand these when you’re in the market for hired help. What type of professional you need depends on what changes you’re looking to make to your home – cosmetic? Structural? Before you start the search, have a think about whether you’re wanting to renovate (i.e. put in a whole new kitchen or bathroom) or redecorate (updating your furniture and décor, but leaving your home’s layout as is). Let’s jump in and find out the ways home stylists and interior decorators can work together in their areas of specialty…

A Home Stylist? Great! What’s that?

A home stylist (like me here at Stagency), also known as an interior decorator or interior stylist, is someone who has a flair for style and a ‘good eye’ for detail. We can help you achieve a particular look for the inside of your home no matter what your personal tastes might be. Our expertise lies in colour theory, fabrics, furniture and décor and how to pair these elements to achieve a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look. We can also help you decide on a furniture layout for each room that best suits the space you’ve got. While most interior designers will have been formally trained, the secret to our success lies in our natural flair for style. When looking for a home stylist, make sure you ask to see their portfolio of past work so you’re confident they can deliver the style you’re wanting.

Oh yes, an Interior Designer… They’re also fabulous!

Sometimes known as “interior architecture” or “spatial design”, interior designers make spaces functional, beautiful and suitable to its occupants’ lifestyle. They often work alongside architects and property developers during the building design phase and know the ins and outs of council and building codes, as well as how to sketch, model and draft. If you’re looking to renovate and alter the internal structure of your home, you can call on an interior designer to help you make the best sense of the space you’re working with. They’re qualified to advise on structural alterations (i.e. removing that pesky wall that’s annoyed you for years). They’ll also be able to deeply consider what your needs are now, and into the future, to design your home space in such a way as to always be exactly what you need (or to be able to change it with ease). While they can also advise on furnishings and décor, this really is a home stylist’s sweet spot.

Bringing it all together – who do you choose?

Ultimately, in any home, there’s room for both professionals to do what they do best. The choice often comes down to who, or what you need most… Can you handle a slightly unwieldy bedroom if it looks stunning? (and of course, a home stylist will make a point of arranging the room in the best possible use of the space) Or does your home need a complete re-think? Either way, you’re in good hands, and you’ll thank yourself you got expert assistance every time you come home to a beautiful, functional, totally YOU space.

Looking for a Brisbane Home Stylist?

If you’re ready to update the look and feel of your home, I’m Melanie Grace – an experienced interior stylist who can help you fall in love with your home all over again. Through Stagency, my boutique interior styling agency, I can help reimagine the style of your home, so you’ll love it for years to come. Get in touch today to see how I can help you create the perfect home for your needs.

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