Selling Property in Sandgate, Shorncliffe or Brighton? Here are our HOT seller tips!

Getting ready to sell in Sandgate, Shorncliffe or Brighton? Here’s what you need to know about the market AND how you can attract the RIGHT buyer!

Sandgate, Shorncliffe and Brighton are becoming some of the most highly sought after areas to purchase in Brisbane. There is a lot to love about the area and families, retirees and everyone in between is starting to flock to the northern Brisbane bayside lifestyle.
If you are considering selling, be it now or in the next couple of years, here are some things you might like to know about WHO you’re going to sell to, WHAT price range to expect and HOW to get more bang for your buck.

Property Profile: Sandgate

The current (as at March 2019) median price of a property in Sandgate is $640,000 but can stretch up to past the million dollar mark. It’s considered to be a high demand market when compared to other areas in Brisbane: Sandgate homes for sale see an average of 892 visits compared to the city-wide average of 343. Families and couples are on the rise in Sandgate so there is a lot of potential that your seller will have, or be thinking about having, children. That calls for some clever thinking on your part to take advantage of families who are looking to locate near some excellent schools and community resources.

Property Profile: Shorncliffe

Shorncliffe is more expensive than Sandgate, with the average selling price currently sitting at $840,000 (as at March 2018). Similarly to Sandgate, there is also a high demand here with 794 visits per open home as compared to 343 for the rest of the city.
There are more older couples and families currently living in Shorncliffe but the younger family market is steadily catching up. Again, there is lots of potential here to sell on the basis of a family home that will grow and expand as your buyer’s changing needs similarly alter over time.

Property Profile: Brighton

Selling in Brighton will find you receiving a lower sales price than the Shorncliffe and Sandgate, with an average median being around the $522,000 mark (current as at March 2018). Demand to see homes for sale in Brighton is very high at 643 with the average of Queensland being 319 visits per property for sale.

Real Estate in North Brisbane

Buying in North Brisbane?  Sandgate, Shorncliffe and Brighton may be the stars of seaside living but there as property stylists, we know that it’s not just about the water!  We’ve prepared a complete guide to the best places to buy for a beautiful backdrop and treechange lifestyle.

How can I sell my property in Sandgate, Shorncliffe and Brighton?

When it comes to getting a higher sales price, property styling can put your home above the competition. Buyers have about eight seconds after entering before they get that rush of love feeling – the right property stylist can make that love connection happen. You’ll see a return on your investment reflected back at you when your home goes for a higher price than it would have had you displayed it empty or with your own furniture.
Interested in beating those average prices? Get in contact for a property styling quote and let’s make it happen.

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