Styling a House for Sale – AVOID These Pitfalls!

Styling a house for sale? Here are five mistakes you DEFINITELY don’t want to make.

Styling a house for sale is a complex process that takes into account market trends, buyer demographics and a keen knowledge of how style and function work together to create surprise and delight.

However, there are many ‘wanna bes’ in the property styling and furniture staging game who don’t have the knowledge to make that winning combination work. Worse still, there are many well-meaning friends and family who reckon they’ll ‘have a crack’ at it because they can do it for a lot cheaper than proper stylists.

But at what cost the meagre saving you’ll get if your friend does the styling?

The cost is the sale of your home above asking price and before it goes onto the market. The cost is the sale of your dream of an excellent return on investment. And the cost is often the death of your friendship when you work closely with a pal who ultimately lets you down.

That’s a lot at stake. Here’s what to look out for.

Beware the In-House Hire

Your friend is not a property stylist. She’s being nice and offering to help, but she’s just not one. She’s not trained in how to inspire that ‘fall in love in eight seconds’ reaction and she doesn’t have connections to real estate agencies who know the area like the back of their hands.

Risk VS Outcome

If you’re not paying someone to do a project for you, how much effort are they REALLY going to put in? If they don’t have any real skin in the game, how can you expect the very best from them? And what right do you REALLY have to be angry if and when it doesn’t work out?

Using unpaid labour from a friend or a family member is like playing Russian roulette. Yes, it might work. But chances are it won’t. And the fact that they’re not a professional means you have no real grounds to be cross when your potential sale falls through.

A Question of Taste

Does your friend’s very pronounced and obvious taste match your potential buyers? Will she be all leopard print when she should have styled for minimalist and classy? Good styling a house sell involves creating a space that invites all people to see themselves in the house. If they’re swamped by over-the-top design then that just won’t be possible.

Where’s The Cash Coming From?

Who is paying for the good quality furniture and décor you’ll need? Because it’ll need to come from somewhere that’s NOT Kmart. Kmart products are instantly recognisable because EVERYONE has them – you won’t be impressing anyone with that $4 pot fake pot plant that everyone else has got in their toilet.

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