Terracotta Floor Tiles – How to DEAL with the Terracotta Elephant in the Room!

You’ve got terracotta floor tiles and they look terrible? Fear not, we’ve got just the (cost-friendly!) solution

Oh yes, we might not talk about it but we can all see it: you’ve got ugly terracotta floors and you can’t hide them.

… or can you?!

What exactly is wrong with terracotta floor tiles?

I’m sure they were trendy at the time they were laid, but terracotta tiles have not aged well. They’re big, they’re an odd colour to style, and they seem to be eh-veh-ree-where. They also cost a fortune to remove and replace.

What do I do if I have terracotta floor tiles and I can’t afford to replace them yet?

Lucky for you, there are ways around minimising the visual impact of terracotta floor tiles if it’s not in the budget to have them removed. I see this quite a bit in my styling work, and have figured out a few failsafe ways of drawing attention away from your bad floors and toward the better parts of your home.

First of all: get yourself some BIG RUGS. I use them all the time to arm a space and distract from the floor. We’re talking taking rugs large enough to go almost to the edge of room – it’s a quick and easy way of re-flooring without the cost that goes with it.

Look at this room after we implemented our guide compared to the main picture which was before

You’ve got terracotta floor tiles and they look terrible? Fear not, we’ve got just the (cost-friendly!) solution.

I also endeavour to draw peoples’ eyes up in a room – not to the ground – with careful use of mirrors, art and lighting. More and more I’m finding most people don’t even notice the terracotta tiles once we have been in, they’re too busy looking at the rest of the space and how well it works.

Terracotta has a lot of pink and orange in it, so it’s good practice to avoid these colours (and any red wood) in the same room as the tiles. You might think it would help harmonise the colour throughout, but all it does is draw out that pinky-orange even more. 

Working with opposite colours, and taking advantage of terracotta’s distinct garden-y vibe, bringing in an abundance of greenery with plants works wonders. They are bright, distracting, and make a room look really pulled together.

For walls, you want to add light colours with no yellow or reds in the paint pigment, accented with with bright white trim, blinds and shutters to help distract the eye away.

Don’t bring dark or light wood into the room to furnish it if possible, as it too draws out the colours in the terracotta to seem brighter than at they are.

Having said all this, terracotta is one of the interior colour trends for 2019 – God help us all!

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