Wait, HOW much does a Brisbane interior decorator cost?

A Brisbane interior decorator may seem like the absolute-must have for your new home, but are they really what you need? Read on to find out…

It’s a common enough question to wonder when you’re starting to think about styling your home… “How much does an interior decorator cost?” And the short answer is, LOTS. But it wouldn’t be much of a blog if we left it at that, so allow me to expand on that. Interior decorators are highly skilled professionals. There is no denying that. They earn their keep! However when you’re using a Brisbane interior decorator, you may be paying for additional skills you don’t actually need for the job, and removing the joys of styling your home. When you use an interior stylist (we’ve talked about the differences of one vs. the other here), you still get a skilful creative with an eye for design, but you pay less, and actually get elbow-deep in the process (if that’s your thing!)

Interior styling: Expertise without the hefty price tag

When you work with a Brisbane interior decorator, chances are you’ll get premium service for premium prices. Your cabinetry will be bespoke, your accessories could be priceless one-of-a-kind heirlooms and only the finest will do. Not everyone has the budget for this type of approach, but still love their homes to look beautiful (quite rightly!). When you engage an interior stylist, you are making a practical choice in a number of ways…

  1. You’ll be in on the process – a collaboration of the best kind! Discover new looks together, shop for design elements and really refine your home’s interior in your image.
  2. Your home will be practical, useable, liveable – getting to know you and your family’s needs along the consultation process means a stylist will be able to deeply understand how you use your space and will be able to create a functional, beautiful home.
  3. Your budget can stretch further – you’ll get everything you need without breaking the bank and the imported Italian marble can go in someone else’s house, thank you very much!

If super luxe, bespoke door handles are your thing, by all means, we can add those in! But an interior stylist’s job is to find the balance and compromises to ensure not only the stylistic aspects are met, but also the budgetary ones.

If you’re curious about how this whole Brisbane interior design and styling thing comes together, get in touch! I’d love to hear about your plans for your home, your must-haves and really-wants. I’m pretty sure I’ll have some ideas about how to bring your visions to life! (I mean, I’ve only been at this for 20 years… I think I might have picked up a thing or two!)

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