Designer Furniture – The Secret Source!

Ever wondered why your friend’s perfectly styled home features luxury furniture you’ve never seen before? It’s all about the boutique furniture store…

There’s no doubt the right furniture can make all the difference to completing a look in your home. Designer furniture is elegant, comfortable and unique but comes at a price, right? Well, not if you know the right person… Your interior stylist has access to boutique furniture suppliers who sell pieces that encompass everything you’ve been looking for, but you’ve somehow seen before. Why? Because there’s a whole world of luxury furniture out there that you simply won’t be privy to – they don’t sell direct to the public, you see. Luckily for you, you know someone with an ‘in’ to this mysterious world of fabulous furniture. Let me share a few tidbits with you…


Big brands are not very secret…

My secret source for luxury furniture can’t be found on the high street. When you look at the furniture in my clients’ homes, you might be puzzled to discover you don’t recognise their designer furniture from any of the major stores. That’s deliberate, and part of the overall strategy for creating the perfect space. One of the superpowers an interior stylist possesses is the power of exclusivity – we have access to boutique furniture suppliers the general public do not. In saying this, just because it’s exclusive doesn’t mean it has to be expensive – I’m all about finding the best pieces for your budget, home and style. You don’t have to be Jeff Bezos to enjoy good interior styling.


What about custom furniture?

Honestly, custom luxury furniture is generally more in the realm of interior designers, rather than interior stylists (read this one if you missed it to understand the difference). Having said that, if your budget is stretchy, anything is possible.


So who are the faves?

At the moment, some of my favourite up-and-coming brands include Globewest, West Elm, Tribe Home and Canvas+Sasson. These four are the top boutique furniture suppliers that I head to for my clients. What I like about these guys, beyond their exceptional eyes for design is their ethics. They’re committed to top quality designer furniture and homewares (of course) but delivered in ways that benefit some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations – the people who source the materials for, and construct each piece. So if it wasn’t enough to have a beautiful, styled home, I know the exact right products for you to do it with a clear conscience as well. What more could you ask for?!

If you’re ready to nab yourself some spectacular designer furniture, get in touch. Head stylist, Melanie Grace will be able to open the door to the secret world of boutique furniture…

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