Interior styling vs. interior decorating? What’s the difference?

Is interior styling really the new interior decorating? Are they the same thing? Read on to find out the differences and how an interior stylist can create your dream space

Is Interior Styling the New Interior Decorating?

Seriously. What is the difference between interior styling vs. interior decorating? A question that has confounded homeowners, real estate agents, and even some stylists and decorators, for generations. They sound the same, right? There are certainly some crossover points. Both are about making the inside of your house look ‘pretty’, certainly, BUT… Where interior decorating is focused on the larger elements of a room – colour and furniture, for instance, interior styling is where the fun really begins. Stylists are forever collating a catalogue of artefacts and soft furnishings to achieve a specific look. 

Bringing it all together: The interior stylist 

An interior stylist’s job covers a huge variety of stages of a home’s life cycle. From staging to sell, to creating a flawless forever room, a stylist’s attention to detail is the secret ingredient. Bringing an entire look together takes a keen eye for detail and a knack for sourcing exceptional pieces that look, feel, and, yes, sometimes even smell the part. Baroque, art deco, minimalist, Scandi – your stylist knows exactly how to bring a look together down to the finest detail. 

The Hamptons: Classic coastal opulence

Loving the Hamptons style? Of course you are. It’s glorious. And with our climate and lifestyle, it sure fits nicely. Almost every client has an aesthetic in their head before they get started (and a Pinterest board to match), and you would be surprised how similar the starting point can be:

  • Flowing white curtains
  • White shutters
  • Blue and white accents
  • Nautical trinkets

A Hamptons-inspired home will make you feel like you’re on holiday every time you walk in the door, and somehow like you’re the wealthiest family in the neighbourhood. An elegant mix of coastal and formal, it’s a difficult look to pull off successfully. Thankfully, your interior stylist knows just how to achieve it.

So, interior styling vs. interior decorating? Yup, hugely different responsibilities once you take a closer look. One looks at the details, while the other is looking at the broader strokes of the design of your home interiors. Both play an important part in setting the vibe in your home, certainly. You might find it easier to think of one being the starting point, and the other the finishing touches. Either way, well worth discussing your hopes and desires for the look and feel of your home with trained professionals.

Melanie Grace is an experienced stylist and home renovator. Get in touch today to discover how Melanie can create the perfect flow in your home.


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