Where The Truck Driver Doubles As The Stylist

No – we’re NOT kidding. You wouldn’t believe what a number of furniture hire Brisbane companies are doing. And baby, it ain’t pretty.

It’s like something out of a Monty Python movie.
Imagine engaging the services of a furniture hire or rental place in Brisbane. You want to sell your home and you’re a little dubious about professional property stylists. Are they really worth the extra? What do they know that you don’t know?

So you find this furniture rental place on the internet. They seem nice enough and they’ve got a stocked warehouse busting at the seams full of designer goodies. Sounds too good to be true!

That’s Because It Is

Property stylists often use furniture rental because they don’t have the storage space to keep all of their stock and then turn it over at the end of each season. A few of the… shall we say, sneakier furniture hire places have begun to undercut the stylists and release their stock directly to the public.

What’s Wrong With That?

What’s wrong? Plenty.
If furniture hire warehouses and businesses are hiring their stock directly to the public, then it’s safe to say that EVERYONE’s house is going to look EXACTLY the same. Clients in an inner-city apartment will have the same items as those in a Hamptons-style Shorncliffe abode. It’s same same styling with no awareness of market, clientele or ‘vibe’.

If you go with a property stylist, then you are rewarded with their extensive knowledge about the industry and what sells. They know the area, they know people’s buying habits and they know the real estate agents. If you go it alone with furniture chucked off the back of a truck, you don’t know any of those things. You’re just a person, standing in front of a large rug, asking it to help disguise your gross salmon coloured terracotta tiles.
Styling a home to sell is no easy task and you need help.

REAL help

If you’re engaging with a furniture hire Brisbane company who deals with directly with the property then, effectively, the TRUCK DRIVER is your stylist.
They’ll march in through your home, boots and all, dump the furniture down willy-nilly and then give you a handshake on the way out. What do they know about light? What do they know about making that instant love-connection with prospective buyers? What do they know about on-trend cushion and throw placement? What do they know about the Hamptons?
Can they get you the (on average) 10% higher sale on auction day? Can they stop your home from lingering on the market for weeks and months? What do they know about SELLING?
Nothing. Not a gosh-darn-tootin’ thing. And that’s why this whole set up stinks.

High End vs Truck Stop

Let’s reframe this for a minute.
We know now that using furniture hire in Brisbane, as a seller, means that you’re getting mirror-image furniture delivered by someone who’ll leave you to your own (potentially not stylistically blessed) devices. There’s no point banging on about it. It sucks, it’s wrong, let’s move on.
You’re got solutions, though.

Property stylists typically use high-end furniture and furnishings. They have that skilled eye for design. They have connections with reputable, local tradespeople who can do quick (or big) jobs to get your home sale ready.
The property stylist can work with you and pull in their knowledge about buying trends, demographics what sells FAST. They can use their real estate connections to confidently work towards a best possible outcome on sale day. They’ll answer the phone and respond to messages day and night as they work tirelessly towards helping you realise your dream – the perfect sale price.
They know Brisbane like the back of their hand (that’s also covered in paint from where they touched up your architraves).
The biggest thing they know? They know that YOU are going to get ripped off if you use a furniture rental company that deals directly with the public.

Working Out The Figures

It costs more to use a property stylist than it does to hire the furniture and style it yourself. Fact.
Does that cost negate the potential money you’re losing if you do your own styling (using mass produced furniture) instead of using a professional stylist? Serious question.
Are you prepared to have a question mark hang over the sale of your home? Are you prepared to lay awake at night wondering if the corners you cut ended up cutting you?

Return On Investment

Property styling is all about return on investment. And, as anyone who ever had a Dollarmites account knows, you only get what you give.
If you consider the sale of your home to be an investment in the future of your family then it makes good business sense to support that investment with certain key structures. Engaging the services of a professional stylist, as opposed to a truck driver named Trev who used your toilet on the way out, is that very investment. It’s a cool, calm breeze of capable confidence that will waft through your home soothing any stresses that it happens to pass by.

Do not get sucked in. Do not engage the services of furniture rental venues in Brisbane. Protect your family and be proud of what you’ve built together. Sell it in the way that it deserves to be sold and watch that beautiful return on investment roll right in.


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