Good Home Décor Advice Isn’t Always on Insta!

In today’s world, many of us turn to Instagram for all kinds of guidance, including home décor advice. But are Insta home décor tips always ideas we can trust?

In this day and age, there’s nothing social media can’t teach us, but that doesn’t mean that social media always has the right answers. Increasingly, social scrollers are turning to Instagram for styling advice, but is Insta home décor advice always as trustworthy as it seems?

Is it Well Made?

Wow! That post looks fantastic! But what’s it like in real life? When you view a photo on social media, what you’re seeing is a carefully curated version of reality, which doesn’t always leave room for the whole truth to shine through.

Sometimes, home décor advice posts feature décor pieces that photograph beautifully but fail to live up to expectations in the real world. A well-angled and edited Instagram picture is capable of covering up design flaws and shabbily made items, making products seem higher quality and more luxurious than they are. 

Next time you’re scrolling on Instagram on the hunt for interior design tips and tricks, ask yourself this: “Is it well made?” Before you hurry out and buy the latest Insta home décor trend piece, you want to be sure that it’s great quality and fit to withstand the test of time. 

Is it Practical?

Let’s face it: what looks good on social media isn’t always practical. When choosing home décor items for your space, it’s important to take your day-to-day lifestyle into account. What kinds of wear and tear do your items need to put up with?

Insta-worthy home décor shots aren’t necessarily the most practical for real-life humans. For instance, a hard-to-clean white rug probably isn’t the best choice if you have kids or pets. 

When turning to Instagram for home décor inspiration, always make an effort to consider practicality. How will you use this item? Is it fit for that purpose? How long can you expect it to last? These questions will help you choose durable décor pieces that fit into your home and lifestyle. 

Is it Sponsored?

Sure, the home décor guru you’re following shares tons of tips that help you decide what you like, which is great, but that doesn’t mean her advice is completely unbiased. 

Many social media influencers with large followings rely on brand deals and sponsored content to pay their bills. This means that a product recommendation shared on Instagram isn’t always an unjaded ode to a fabulous home décor item. Sometimes, promoting an Insta photo centrepiece is an influencer’s job. 

There’s no foolproof way to be sure what content is sponsored and what isn’t, but there are signs you can look for. Hashtags like “#ad” or “#sponsored” are a giveaway. So are brand partners listed at the top of an Insta post. 

Is it from a Real Stylist?

Styling is a specialised skill, so when you spot home décor advice on Instagram, ask whether the tip is coming from a real stylist with knowledge of trends, colours, textures, and more.

At Stagency, we offer real home décor advice from a real stylist. Our style Interior Styling consulting services involve us checking out your space, learning more about your tastes, and sourcing the perfect home décor pieces to suit your home and needs. We even organise delivery!


Next time you find yourself tempted to ask Instagram from tip-top home décor advice, think again, and consider turning to a more trusted source of style support. 

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