Home Styling Consultant at an Hourly Rate? Yes, This is a Thing!

Style My Home My Style

Is it time to sell your property and want to get the best possible sale price? Or perhaps you want to give your home that long overdue freshen up but have no idea what will look good? Maybe you just can’t afford the interior decorator price tag that comes along with it? There is another option so stop putting this on the back burner and do something about it!

Your home deserves some love. It deserves some attention. And you owe it to yourself to make your home look and feel exactly how you want… without breaking your budget BEFORE you have a chance to even think about the cost of furnishings and accessories.

Interior designer vs home styling consultant

You might be confused into thinking an interior designer and a property stylist are the same thing. Yes, there are certainly some overlaps in these professions but there are also some differences. Yes, they both focus on making the property aesthetically pleasing and creating a vibe that not many can do without professional help, however, there are also some differences.

Interior designer: Making your home functional and visually pleasing, interior designers use technical skills to balance light, textures, colours and proportions to create the desired style for their clients’ home. More often than not, their clients have purchased their own home and want to decorate it and make it their own. Interior designers charge significantly more than a property stylist.  

Home styling consultant: Making your vision come to life, professional property stylists will come into your home and help you find the right furniture and accessories. Some clients are wanting to sell their homes and home styling often results in offers above asking price. However, property stylists like Stagency, also offer interior styling to stay and they will help you turn your space into a lifestyle.  

Why choose a home styling consultant at an hourly rate?

You don’t have to pay thousands for an interior decorator or designer if that’s beyond the scope of your budget or needs. In most cases, you are paying for a selection of design concepts that you don’t actually need.    

A home styling consultant will simply give advice on what would look amazing and then help you to find that perfect item, all charged an hourly rate. This is a very practical option that gives you the ‘oh-so-pretty’ results you want to achieve! 


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over $15M in sales

We have helped clients sell over $15 Million worth of property

over $1M in profit

We have helped earn our clients over $1 Million in profit on their properties

1031% ROI

Our Average Client ROI is 1031%

100% sold

For The Last 2 Years 100% Of Our Properties Styled Have Sold

Our Last 6 Properties Have SOLD at First Open

*AS AT 1ST JULY 2019