Styling Kids’ Bedrooms: Should You Even Bother?

How can you style kids’ bedrooms that give children space to play and grow? Follow these helpful kids’ bedroom décor tips to get the most of out of your kids’ space.

Styling Kids’ Bedrooms: Making Practical Kids’ Bedroom Décor Choices

Styling kids’ bedrooms can be a rewarding experience. There really is nothing better than giving your child a practical, inviting, and engaging space where they can learn, play, and grow. 

But no one ever said that kids’ bedroom décor was easy. Far from it! Styling kids’ bedrooms comes with a unique set of challenges. Will your child outgrow this look a month or two from now? Is there enough space to store your child’s many toys? Is there room for kids to play and learn? 

If you need help styling kids’ bedrooms that are practical and popular among even the harshest of tiny critics, here are a few handy tips to keep in mind. 

Creating a Blank Canvas

Sure, an over-the-top colour scheme or bedroom décor theme might be tempting, but sometimes, less is more. The key to styling kids’ bedrooms that grow with children is striving for a blank canvas. 

By choosing minimalist furnishings, you can ensure that your kids’ bedroom will stand the test of time. Simple bedrooms offer scope for children’s interests to change. With just a little imagination, minimalist kids’ decor can be quickly and affordably updated as your child explores new hobbies and passions. 

Steer clear of hard-to-change divisive choices like brightly coloured feature walls and racing car bed frames. Instead, choose neat, simple colours and furnishings that can be revitalised and recycled for years to come. 

Permission to Personalise

One of the best things about providing your child with a blank canvas bedroom is the opportunities this poses for personalisation. When big-ticket items like walls, dressers, and bed frames are kept plain and simple, your child’s personality can shine through. 

To help your child make their bedroom their own, allow them to put their own personal stamp on the space. Focus on accessories. With just a few decorative items and some kid-sized creativity, your child’s bedroom can reflect the things they care about—planets, dinosaurs, the colour pink … 


Making Storage a Priority

Despite our best intentions, kids’ have a lot of stuff! From old toys to new art projects, your child’s bedroom is sure to become home to plenty of bits and bobs, and you’ll need to have planned ahead to make sure there’s enough space to accommodate it all. 

When making kids’ bedroom décor choices, it’s important to consider storage a top priority. Make the most of the space you have by finding uses for hidden nooks and crannies. Include under-the-bed storage boxes, back-of-the-door hooks, and extra wardrobe storage where you can fit it. 

Giving your child plenty of space to store their things will save you many a clean-up headache. That means no more stressing when the holidays roll around and invite an influx of brand-new toys! If you’re lucky, great storage solutions might even encourage your child to take up some tidying of their own.

Leaving Room to Grow

The key to any good kids’ bedroom design is leaving room for your child to grow. A kids’ bedroom is a space for your child to learn, play, rest, and develop. 

As you place furniture in your child’s bedroom, consider what space is left for jumping, dancing, and playing games. Try to leave empty floorspace in the centre of the room, giving your child plenty of room to move. 

As kids grow up, the demands on their bedroom spaces change. What was once ample play space can easily turn into the perfect spot for a study desk as kids become tweens and teens. In the long run, a little extra room never goes amiss. Doesn’t everyone like open-plan living? 


Styling kids’ bedrooms is no easy feat, but with a little time and care, it’s possible to create kids’ bedroom spaces that are equal parts pretty and practical. Win-win!



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