The Good, The Bad and the Ughhh of Sandgate Real Estate

Sandgate Real Estate is both a hotbed of opportunities and a minefield of money traps. Here’s what you need to know. The Good, The Bad and the Ughhh

Sandgate is the little suburb that could. In terms of Brisbane real estate, Sandgate offers a plethora of options for those who are looking for a relaxed, beach-side lifestyle. It’s also a great place to sell a home, with sale prices continuing to go up, up, up on an exponential scale.
Sandgate real estate, however, can trip up those who seek the sun. Just as every rose has its thorn, so too does every suburb have it’s ‘WTF’ moments. And Sandgate has more than its fair share.

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The Good – Sandgate Real Estate

Let’s start with the good about this area. And there sure is a hell of a lot of GOOD.
Easy access to the shorefront has already been discussed but it’s well worth mentioning a second, and maybe even a third, time. This is an area of sunset walks along the water with a loved one. It’s an area of bike rides with the kids, playing at the park until their legs are weak and their hearts are full. It’s picnics and bbq’s and special occasions. It’s sea breezes and evenings spent watching storms roll in from your front verandah, drink in hand, as you reflect on exactly how lucky you area.
Houses in Sandgate are in high demand, which is excellent news for those selling. Huge turnouts at open homes speak of a desire to emulate this peaceful lifestyle. Everyone seems to want a piece of the Sandgate pie and it’s being served out in generous sizes to those lucky enough to get their foot in the door.

The Bad – Sandgate Real Estate

Like yin to yang, there are negative elements in the Sandgate Real Estate field. A number of houses sit on the market, empty, as they have not been appropriately presented to the potential buying market. These homes are tired relics reflecting a time that has long since past but, for whatever reason, has been held onto tightly by those who just don’t know any better.
Given the high turnover of professionally styled homes in the area, it’s definitely within the seller’s best interests to invest in property styling.

Sandgate Real Estate

The Ughhh – Sandgate Real Estate

Every suburb has ‘em. The ‘WTF’ moments. Areas that haven’t been gentrified and still retain that post-war post-taste UG factor that makes development difficult. There is a positive, and that’s that newcomers to this area bring with them the potential to lift these forgotten pockets to the stellar heights of other neighbourhoods.
There is good, bad and UGHHH in every hand. What have you been dealt? And where are you going to be placing your bets?

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