Ask The Stylist – How Do I Become a Property Stylist?

How to become a property stylist comes down to six key factors. How many do you have already? Here is what 20-plus years in the game has taught me…

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a property stylist, you might be wondering how. Property styling is the process of preparing and presenting a home for sale and it comes down to six key elements: a natural eye for aesthetics, your education and qualifications, your skills as a business owner, your industry connections, your furnishing selection and your marketing. Master these six things and the mystery of how to become a property stylist will be well and truly solved. To style a home to sell you will need to understand the needs and budgets of both the potential buyers and the sellers. It’s possible, or even likely, that with your help a property will sell more quickly and for a higher value than a property which has had no professional help.


Become a property stylist: top 6 tips

1. Have a natural affinity for design and interiors specifically

2. Obtain the relevant qualifications

3. Understand your business

4. Understand the real estate industry and make business connections to this end

5. Obtain (and store) a large selection of furniture for use

6. Market yourself and your clients well


1. Become a property stylist: Your natural talent

It cannot be denied that natural talent plays a factor in your ability to become a property stylist. The difficult truth is, without a keen eye for detail and the ability to create beautiful, welcoming, functional spaces you will have difficulty. People are asking you to “style my home” and naturally you need some kind of flair.


2. Become a property stylist: Your qualifications

If only your journey to become a property stylist was a simple as flinging some furniture in a room. If you really want to succeed, a firm grounding in the basics of both interior design and the real estate industry would be a great place to start. Understanding the whats and whys of what you are doing is essential.


3.Become a property stylist: Your business accumen

That’s right. If you want to become a property stylist, you will likely also become a business owner. You need to prepare a business plan, understand standard operating procedures, understand your bookkeeping and accountancy procedures, develop your rapport with clients and real estates, and so on. Every aspect of business ownership needs to be considered before getting started.


4.Become a property stylist: Your business connections

Developing a reputation and relationship with private clients and real estates is essential. Understanding what makes buyers tick and what is likely to create that selling combination for your clients will be the secret to your success.


5.Become a property stylist: Your collection

Keep in mind, to become a property stylist, you will either need a large budget to purchase, store and replace your furniture, or to hire it at will. There are pros and cons to either approach, so you will need to consider which suits you best.


6.Become a property stylist: Your marketing

A task all of its very own beyond the day-to-day running of your business, deciding how to market yourself is one of the biggest tasks you’ll face on your way to becoming a property stylist. Will you have a particular target market, or style of interiors you’d prefer to present? Will you only work with independent agents, or with multinational real estates – are you boutique or commercial or somewhere in between? Only you will know what makes your business, and your particular aesthetic, special, so take the time to figure that out before you start. A strong reputation is built on a strong sense of self, so don’t miss the opportunity to understand who you are as a property stylist from the word ‘go’. Are you going to Style Homes For Sale or Style Homes For Living!


Melanie Grace is an experienced stylist and home stager for property sales. Get in touch today to discover how Melanie can create the perfect staging to sell homes quickly to the highest bidder.


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