We Are Not Cheap & We Do Not Apologise For It?

One of the first things I do when potential clients call when vetting them on the phone is to tell them “we are not cheap” and I never apologise for it. IWe get everything from gasps to laughing to “oh I love that”. The ones who “love that” usually become the client straight away. The ones who are calling every Interior Stylists on page 1 of Google are not my “ideal client” – they are price matching and searching for the cheapest service.

It is one of the best business decisions I ever made. I went after my ideal client and kept to it and have been successful ever since. I never wanted to be about high/quick turnover numbers – my business is based on service and product.


If You Are Not Cheap How Much Does An Interior Stylist Cost?

It is hotly contested in the world on Interior Styling & Interior Design on whether to show your pricing on your website to all and sundry and for your competitors to see. But here at the Stagency The Interior Styling Agency we like to be transparent about just how much and how we charge for our Interior Styling services. Want to know whether it is within your budget to use a stylist verses a designer? read on…

It’s a bit of a myth that Interior Stylists do not get out of bed for less than $10K like a super model! lol. That may be the case with some Interior Designers but no stylists that I know of. A stylist is affordable if you work out the numbers for the time, stress and process of selections that they deliver for the dollar value. After all you went looking for them because you felt overwhelmed right? Your paying for their ability to walk into your home, listen to your needs, take into account all your wishes and bring it all together within a budget to create a space that you dream of. Well worth the investment as my clients like to say. Once you work with a great Interior Stylist and have the relationship you will rarely do anything in your home again without them or their guidance.


Why We Put Pricing On Our Website in 2023

One of the biggest issues when you start out in search of an Interior Stylist is how much they charge. The rabbit hole of visiting sites on Google Maps  search stylists near me only to have to fill out contact forms or make phone calls to hope to even get prices. 10 phone calls later and you find out you need to have 10 discovery calls to get a price! why all the secrecy? Why can’t you just get a price..To then find out it’s not even in your budget anyway – how frustrating right? How confusing how they all charge differently.

The bottom line is you the client goes to our website to find out about us, our services and how much we cost. So we give you that information on our FAQ page right here. We want to make it easier for our clients so they don’t have to jump through 25 hoops to get 1 simple answer.

So Just How Much Does An Interior Stylist Charge?

But for the sake of this blog here are our charge as of March 2023 – we are not cheap and we do not apologise for it. We never went into business for cheap or to have clients in the cheap end of the market with high turnover volume. We went into business to provide excellent service above and beyond to clients who appreciate amazing service as well as beautiful design and a finished product that makes them smile every time they walk into the room. Our goal is to hold your hand throughout the project to make it a positive experience, one that you enjoy.

Our Actual Fees For Interior Styling

This is exactly what we send clients in their welcome pack. We like to make our fees and charges simple and transparent so you know upfront what your budget will allow to use our talents and how much you will need approximately for us to help you transform your home.

We work in prepaid 5 hour blocks of time for everything except delivery fees, external contractors, furniture and accessories purchases. Whether it be admin, procurement, design, zoom calls, messaging on WhatsApp, onsite, travel time it’s all included in your block times.

We charge you upfront and once we get near the end of your time block we send an invoice for your next time block.

  • Initials Consultation (compulsory for new clients onboarding) $380.00 + GST
  • Prepaid Time Blocks 5 Hours $880.00 + GST (billed in 15 minute increments)
  • Out Of Hours Additional Charges
  • Weekend Consultations Add Fee Per Consultation $180.00 + GST
  • Evening Consultations Weekdays After 5pm Add Fee Per Site Visit $100.00 + GST
  • Weekend/Out of Hours /Site Visits/Personal Shopping Requests Inc Travel $180.00 + GST Per Hour

Now I am sure there will be other businesses frothing at the mouth to see these fees and how we charge, but you see that does not bother me. Because I am focused on my business and our clients. I do not have time to focus on copycats or competition. I focus on what we do and do it well.


Why Do Interior Stylists Charge Differently

Every Stylist will charge differently depending on their business model. We choose to charge in time blocks up front because it makes it simple, transparent and works well for clients and their budgets. It also builds trust. We don’t charge different prices for different projects. It’s one price for all clients. Trust is probably the most important part of our relationship with clients. After all you are trusting us with your home, your biggest asset.

Some Interior Stylists & Designers will charge as a % of a project and that is fine. Each to their own I say. Everyone runs a business differently and what works for them. As a client when you are researching who you are going to work with this is also something to consider – how are you going to want to pay your fees alongside your purchases. It is defiently something to discuss when deciding on your choice of stylist.

Some stylists have staff and teams, some work alone, some have offices and shop fronts and some a shed even – so their costs will differ in running a business and thus their business model in charging will be different.


What Disclosing Our Pricing Does For Us & Our Clients

When a potential client visits our site and can see our pricing up front it allows for several things to occur at once.

  • Makes it easier for the client to see if we are a good fit for their budget
  • It allows for easier onboarding for us of new clients – we already know they know our pricing so are not surprised when we start the conversation
  • We don’t frustrate or confuse our clients and try and hide anything, we are transparent
  • We build trust – so important
  • Helps potential clients narrow down who they are going to hire because they remember we are the ones that gave the pricing straight up.
  • There is no reason to hide prices from clients or competitors in our industry


At the end of the day we are a business and in business to make money like anyone else. Yes we do what we do what we do because we truly enjoy our clients and the process. Being transparent about how much an Interior Stylist costs and why we charge this way helps everyone. Don’t you agree?


Now you know our pricing! and you got to know us – It’s your turn to come and say hello! Get in Touch here 








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