How do I sell my house for more than the appraisal?

What could be better than to sell your house for more then the appraisal? Not much! Follow my top tips for achieving the best price for your property.

The most important factor in managing to sell your house for more than the appraisal is presentation. The first impression of your home will last, so you want it to be one that hots all the right notes. The easiest and most effective way to create the best possible first impression is to hire a professional property stylist. A stylist will know how to add the ‘wow factor’, will understand the desires of your potential buyers and work to them and will have an eye for detail to create a space that looks elegant, liveable and oh-so attractive to buyers.

Sell your house for more than the appraisal: Top Tips

1. Create a great first impression

2. Take advice about auction vs. private sale

3. Generate bidding competition

4. Generate high foot traffic

5. Generate urgency

Sell your house for more than the appraisal: 1. The first impression

As I mentioned above, by far and away, the most important factor in selling your house for more than the appraisal is the first impression. Your property will need to be immaculate, clutter-free, well-styled and potential buyers will need to be able to picture themselves living in the space. A professional property stylist will know to highlight all the best aspects of your property and minimise any challenges, as well as arrange the space in the most practical and appealing way. 

Sell your house for more than the appraisal: 2. Auction vs. private sale

There are certainly pros and cons to both of these options. If you are looking to sell your house for more than the appraisal, you will need to consult your agent for the best course of action. While auctions can lead to open bidding competition, they are not necessarily a guarantee of a higher closing price. Likewise, with private sales, the process may encourage more discretion for buyers, but will not necessarily generate the same kind of public buzz in the community. There is no right or wrong way to sell, and every agent and property will have a different approach, so take advice when it is offered and do what suits your property best.

Sell your house for more than the appraisal: 3. Generate bidding competition

Whether you choose an auction or a private sale, your skilled agent will be able to generate interest and leverage that interest into a higher closing price. There is nothing more unsettling to a buyer than to know they have competition, and your agent will know how to make the most of the situation.

Sell your house for more than the appraisal: 4. Generate foot traffic

To ensure your property generates the right kind of traffic prior to sale, your agent will embark on a high-quality marketing campaign. Professional photography and staging is a must if you wish to encourage interest in your property, and enough to secure a closing price well above the appraisal. It is essential not to rely on DIY here as it will devalue your offering.

Sell your house for more than the appraisal: 5. Urgency

Your real estate agent will be an expert at generating urgency when communicating with potential buyers. A sense of the possibility of missing out on their dream home can often spur potential buyers into action, and secure a sale both quickly and well beyond the asking price.


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Melanie Grace is an experienced stylist and home stager for property sales. Get in touch today to discover how Melanie can create the perfect staging to sell your home quickly to the highest bidder.


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