Interior Stylist – Why Do I Need One?

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There is probably a big list of questions you have of why would you need an Interior Stylist in Brisbane right! including I can do it myself so why hire someone, I saw it on instagram so can just look for ideas on there, I can do it cheaper myself and I love to shop I can do that…..

There is so much more to Interior Styling that is unseen. the planning, the design, the scale to make sure everything fits (this is where most people go wrong), the meetings, the selections, the procurement – so much. The shopping is the easy part and to be honest I do very little actual retail shopping (more on that later).

I am going to try and solve all the mysteries of why you do need an Interior Stylist and how we can literally change your life, yes I may be a little bias, but ask my clients, they like to refer to me as “my interior stylist”  which I love them to bits for. Take a look at our reviews and you can see why once we have a client they are a client for life. Once you use an Interior Stylist in Brisbane you will never look at stylist the same way again.


So Why Do You Need An Interior Stylist

  • We will save you time & money
  • We will make you think outside the box when it comes to design
  • The opportunity to purchase items non mainstream retail
  • Functionality & personality
  • We take all your ideas and bring them together


Yes We Will Save You Time & Money

I know you are thinking “hang on this is going to cost me money” – but how much money is your time worth and how much are you wasting your time and money trying to get your interior finished but just never seem to get it done.

Because we do this for a living, our planning stage is the crucial point for all our client projects. This is the area most clients fail at completing the process of interior styling in their home and when they come to us – they never planned. Fail to plan and you should plan to fail. You know those 4 Saturdays you went out and bought new cushions for your lounge and then spent another 2 days returning them because they did not work with the new lamps you bought the previous weekend that are to small! That’s where we come in.

Imagine opening up your email and right there is an mood board with all the items in your living area and the overall concept, you already know “my interior stylist” Mel has designed it so everything fits to scale in the room, and all you have to do is click approve. you can see the prices, the image and the details. You also know once you approve it after you pay your Interior stylist for the goods it will arrive on your doorstep – no more Saturdays shopping for hours on end. How good is that…

You can set the budget with your Interior Stylist in Brisbane at your initial consultation and work together form there. Many people assume to use a Interior Styling Agency you need a big budget – this is not true. You pay for their time and expertise. I would say if a client came to me who shops exclusively at Ikea and Kmart that they probably do not need our service. But don’t assume you need to be shopping at Coco Republic level to use a stylist – You don’t.


We will make you think outside the box when it comes to design

Yes we know, you saw it on Instagram, a friend showed you on Pinterest., you saw it on the block so it must be what in style and what you should put in your home right? We have heard it all. The social media rabbit hole you all go down and the instagram homes that are totally unrealistic for living in. I mean seriously people who have 4 small kids and live in an all white house with dead palm leaves like every other person… kill me now. If you want that look I am not your “my interior stylist” but I can refer you to about 30,000 that think they are. Sorry not sorry.

Design is personal end of story. Taking a look you saw online and trying replicate it exactly in your home WILL NOT WORK. Every property is unique from scale to natural light to layout to so many factors. What you see online is a different property. Yes you can take the ideas, in fact we ask you to as part of our onboarding process, but do not try and replicate them exactly – be original. And I think that is part of the problem. If you want to just replicate a look online you don’t need an Interior Stylist in Brisbane. If you want to create a beautiful functional family home that makes you feel happy, warm and fuzzy every time you walk in then yes you do.

We will bring in colour, texture, layers and take you outside of your comfort zone to make suggestions that you probably did not think of. Wether that be a layout or function of an area or a purchase of an item. We will push you a little bit but not too much.


The opportunity to purchase items non mainstream retail

What does that mean?

You just left Freedom you loved the lounge now you have to wait 16 weeks for delivery SIGH, then at 15 weeks they advise its delayed for another 5 weeks so now you are at 21 weeks waiting for a lounge – yep we have all been there. These days are over when you use a great Interior Stylist who knows what they are doing and has good supplier relationships.

When I say supplier, it means your stylist deals with suppliers that are not available to the public. These suppliers deal with trade only. Just like a builder would order timber form a trade supplier. Oh and that is another conversation re your stylist and trade suppliers for another time.

Having access to trade only suppliers means we can source furniture and decor that you would not normally have access to or see in mainstream stores such as freedom etc. We go to trade shows to meet new suppliers and keep up to date with new products entering the market. Almost all of our suppliers carry stock or have incoming stock that has short lead (wait) times so you know exactly when you are getting your goods and it is not a 16 week wait. We also take you to trade showrooms to always sit and try out sofas, lounges and dining chairs as it is so important these are comfortable for your home and suit your needs.

This is also where we can take you outside your comfort zone and make suggestions that are not following social media trends but rather follow your ideas that we have discussed and inspirational images you have sent us early on in the planning stage. Can I tell you a pop of velvet in a room is beautiful as is a stunning artwork with colours that bring out the cushions and bedding in a bedroom – again something you may not think of.

Functionality & personality.

You can have both you know. Your home is about YOU no one else, you and your family. It’s not a instagram show piece, it’s a place where you function everyday but is also a reflection of your life and your personalities.

While you might love a piece of furniture in a store – how functional is it, does it fit in the area, is it the right size, what purpose does it fill, do you need it, is it practical for your 4 year old to put his Vegemite toast on?…. list goes on

Does your home reflect your personality or is it just a space you function in? It should be a space that you LOVE walking into, that you feel comfortable in, that you want to be in as well as being functional. A picture that is meaningful blown up in black and white in a wall gallery along the hallway, a collection of your grandfathers books in your office, your husbands antique fishing reel collection on the wall in the study, it’s all about loving where you live. We can help you do this. We find out what is important to you and your loved ones.


We take all your ideas and bring them together

All those nights of staying up late admiring homes on the net, looking at how people have renovated and being in awe of how others live the perfect lifestyle on instagram! been there done that and totally understand. I get it. But there is something that has stopped you from achieving that – what is it?

  1. Is it that you just do not know where to start?,
  2. Is it that you do not know what style suits your home
  3. Is it that you do not know how much it will cost
  4. Is it that you do not have the time
  5. is it that it’s all too much and you are just not that person on instagram that seems to have “all their shit” together!

Whatever your reason is, this is where we become your “my interior stylist” and take all your ideas, all those late night screen shots of rooms you saved to your camera roll, all your day dreams and make them happen in way that suits you, your family, your lifestyle and your property.


So I guess my next question is “do you really need an interior stylist” and what are you waiting for? Give us a call for a free 15 minute discovery call to see if we can help you and work together. Say hello here.


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